Meet the ABLE Team – Liz Essman

Liz is ABLE’s Implementation Coordinator. She works hard behind the scenes to get ABLE users up and running.


About Liz Essman

Since 2017, Liz has been a valuable member of the ABLE team. Her main responsibilities are executing the onboarding process and performing data implementation for new and existing clients. She also oversees the production of various tools, including the Content Library, assists on lead generation campaigns, and carries out client reporting.

Liz holds a Bachelor of Art in Political Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia and a Master of Public Affairs from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She is an avid supporter of her community and passionate about conservation. Liz previously served as an Americorps Production Coordinator at EarthDance Organic Farm School and currently is an appointed member of the University City Council’s Green Practices Commission.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Liz currently lives in University City, a nearby suburb. She loves the area because it has the highest amount of canopy cover of any town in the St. Louis area—her dog has plenty of trees to sniff and critters to chase! Liz is proud to live in a community that values conservation. In her free time, Liz’s hobbies include gardening, running, traveling, and participating in trivia nights with her friends.


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Fun Facts:

  • Liz’s first job was scooping ice cream
  • Liz’s younger sister is a CPA, but didn’t plan to pursue accounting until after Liz had already started working for TGP (ABLE’s sister company)—they have both explained accounting topics to each other at some point!
  • Liz’s favorite local trivia night is “Geeks Who Drink”

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