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About Dan Kelly

Dan joined the ABLE team in April 2021 as ABLE’s Senior Web Developer. Dan is the technical lead for the development team. He works on the backend development of ABLE, making sure everything functions properly for our users.

Born and raised in Adel, Dan has lived in Georgia his entire life. He currently resides in Dawsonville. He studied Electronics at Southern Regional Technical College in Moultrie, Georgia. Dan has over 20 years of development experience and started working with HTML before it became common knowledge. Before diving into the world of the internet, Dan used to be a Biomedical Engineer. A fun fact about Dan is that he worked at the same hospital with a doctor that gave Bill Gates his first job. His name was Ed Roberts and he was known for building the first PC called the “Altair 8800” and hired Bill Gates to write the programming language for it.

Dan loves to stay productive and organized throughout the work day. A few things that help him accomplish this are his notebook, mechanical pencil, and bean bag. Dan finds having a notebook available to jot down ideas helps him stay orderly and organized. As he writes, Dan prefers his mechanical pencil over a pen. When he is brainstorming or working on an issue, he likes to play catch with his bean bag. Dan finds this helpful for critical thinking and focusing on the task at hand.

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On Dan’s days off, you can find him teaching Krav Maga, a military self-defense and fighting style. He teaches people of all ages how to defend themselves, while also getting a great workout in the process.

Checkout a few other fun facts about Dan:

  • He has a great sense of humor
  • Dan has been known to play practical jokes on his friends and family
  • He loves high performance cars, including his own Nissan 370z

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ABLE has the best employees who are always there to lend a hand, and Dan agrees:

“One of the best things about ABLE is the people and the culture. The employees do not just talk about the culture, they practice it every day.”


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