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Nurture Key Relationships with the Right CRM

Identifying and managing client relationships is easy when you have the right CRM. Not only are all your contacts in one place, you are able to differentiate between your various relationships and how they contribute to your accounting firm’s growth. ABLE helps you define and manage these relationships in an intuitive way and in a straightforward CRM that you’ll actually use.

Twenty percent of your relationships can drive eighty percent of your results. For most practitioners, this can be distilled to a handful of relationships that determine their eventual success.

  • 12 Key Clients
  • 10 Active Referral Sources
  • 14 Coveted Prospects

First, determine which contacts deserve your utmost attention. Next, invest in these relationships in order to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and wants. Now, use ABLE to track your progress and keep your relationship dashboards green.

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