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FAQs About Our CRM, Marketing and Business Development Tool

ABLE CRM is the all-in-one platform that supports your accounting firm’s growth and success. Our cutting-edge CRM, marketing and business development tool is tailor-made by accountants for accountants. Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about ABLE below or reach out to us for an in-depth conversation.

Product Highlights and Features

ABLE sets itself apart from other CRM tools by being tailored specifically to the accounting profession, with a focus on four core business development principles. This ensures that your firm can effectively manage client relationships, build your personal brand, foster accountability and enable team synergy.

Designed for the Accounting Profession

ABLE is a CRM tool that has been specifically designed for the accounting profession by accounting experts. This means it takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities faced by accounting firms when it comes to managing client relationships, nurturing leads and driving business growth. Nearly 100 accounting firms have already adopted ABLE to streamline their operations and maximize their growth potential.

Rooted in Four Core Business Development Principles

ABLE’s foundation is built upon four main business development principles that are tailored to the needs of the accounting profession:

  • Doing Small Well—ABLE encourages users to focus on investing their limited time in cultivating the most important relationships for their firm’s growth, rather than spreading themselves too thin.
  • Proactive Relationship Management—ABLE helps users stay on top of their key relationships through its CRM features, ensuring that no opportunity for growth slips through the cracks.
  • Personal Brand Building—ABLE provides tools to help users build and maintain their personal brand within the accounting profession, positioning them as thought leaders and experts in their field.
  • Fostering Accountability and Synergy—ABLE enables team collaboration and accountability through its built-in features, allowing users to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Sustainable and Profitable Growth

ABLE is designed to position your accounting firm for sustainable, profitable growth by providing a powerful CRM tool that supports your business development efforts. With its accounting-specific features and functionality, ABLE helps your firm stay organized, build stronger relationships and capitalize on new opportunities.

CRM Comparison Chart

If you’re curious about how ABLE compares to other CRM tools on the market, be sure to check out our comprehensive CRM comparison chart. This chart highlights the features and benefits of various CRM solutions, allowing you to make an informed decision about which tool best aligns with your accounting firm’s needs and goals.

CRoPs, which stands for Clients, Referral opportunities and Prospects, is a central concept within ABLE CRM that helps you prioritize and manage your 36 most important relationships. By utilizing the color-coded CRoPs Tiles and ABLE’s alert system, you can effectively assess and maintain the health of your key relationships, ultimately leading to sustainable growth for your accounting firm.

The 36 CRoPs Tiles and Their Significance

Within the ABLE CRM system, there are 36 CRoPs Tiles, each representing one of your 36 most important relationships. These relationships are divided into three categories:

  1. Clients (12 tiles): Your top 12 existing clients who contribute the most to your firm’s revenue and growth
  2. Referral Opportunities (10 tiles): The 10 key individuals or organizations that can provide you with valuable referrals and help expand your client base
  3. Prospects (14 tiles): The 14 most promising potential clients who could significantly impact your firm’s growth if successfully converted

These 36 relationships should be carefully selected as they are essential for the growth and success of your accounting firm.

Color-Coded CRoPs Tiles and Interaction History

Each of the 36 CRoPs Tiles is color-coded based on your interaction history with the respective client, referral opportunity or prospect. The color-coding system allows you to easily assess the health of your relationships at a glance. The color codes are as follows:

  1. Green: Indicates a healthy relationship with recent and consistent interactions
  2. Yellow: Signals that the relationship requires attention, as the frequency of interactions has diminished
  3. Red: Highlights that the relationship is at risk due to a lack of recent communication or engagement

ABLE Alerts for Relationship Management

ABLE’s intelligent alert system helps you stay on top of your most important relationships by notifying you when your CRoPs Tiles change color. As the tiles change from green to yellow to red, ABLE prompts you to take action and re-engage with those relationships to ensure they remain healthy and productive.

This proactive approach to relationship management allows you to focus on the individuals and organizations that are most important for your business growth, ensuring that you invest your limited time and resources in the right places.

ABLE can manage all of your contacts, but the distinction between regular contact records and CRoPs Tiles is essential for effective relationship management. By understanding the difference and focusing on your most important client relationships, you can leverage ABLE to its full potential, ultimately driving growth for your accounting firm.

ABLE is designed to be a comprehensive CRM solution for your accounting firm, capable of housing all of your contacts’ information, along with essential notes, activities and associated tasks. This centralized approach ensures that you have easy access to all the necessary information and can manage your contacts efficiently.

Contacts vs. CRoPs Tiles

While ABLE can store and manage all of your contacts, there is a crucial distinction between “just” a contact record and a CRoPs Tile. CRoPs Tiles are reserved for your most important relationships, which represent a significant portion of your business growth potential. 

Regular contact records contain the essential information of your contacts but don’t receive the same level of attention and prioritization as CRoPs Tiles. By focusing on your CRoPs Tiles, you can ensure that your most valuable relationships receive the time and attention they need to thrive.

Identifying Your Most Important Client Relationships

Determining which contacts should be granted real estate on a CRoPs Tile can be a challenge. To help you make this decision, consider the following factors:

  1. Revenue Generation—Does the contact contribute significantly to your firm’s revenue?
  2. Growth Potential—Does the contact have the potential to bring in more business or referrals in the future?
  3. Strategic Alignment—Does the contact align with your firm’s overall growth strategy and goals?

If a contact meets these criteria, it’s likely a strong candidate for a CRoPs Tile.

Evaluating Contact Lists and Avoiding Rented or Purchased Lists

When implementing ABLE, we do not recommend uploading rented or purchased lists. Instead, we encourage new users to carefully evaluate their contact lists and ask themselves, “do I know this person?” If the answer is no, the contact should not be entered into the system. This approach ensures that your CRM focuses on meaningful relationships rather than cluttering the system with irrelevant contacts.

ABLE makes it easy to upload large contact lists and export data when needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient CRM experience. With the help of our dedicated support staff and user-friendly features, you can manage your contact data effectively.

Uploading Large Contact Lists with ABLE’s Support Staff

ABLE offers a seamless process for uploading large contact lists, ensuring a smooth transition to the CRM system. Our dedicated support staff provides you with an Excel template designed specifically for data upload. By following this template, you can efficiently organize your contact information, making it easier for our team to perform the upload into ABLE’s CRM tool for you.

Data Quality and List Evaluation

Before uploading a large list of contact records, it’s essential to evaluate the quality of your data. As mentioned in a previous FAQ, we recommend avoiding rented or purchased lists and focusing on contacts with whom you have a meaningful relationship. This approach helps you maintain a clean and relevant database, allowing you to make the most of ABLE’s CRM features.

Exporting Data From ABLE

In addition to importing contact lists, ABLE also allows users to export data when required. You can choose to export data from filtered reports, which contain specific sets of contacts based on your filtering criteria or from the entire database of contacts. This functionality ensures that you have access to your contact information whenever you need it, providing flexibility and control over your data.

Ongoing Support and Assistance

ABLE’s support staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the uploading or exporting of contact records. Our team is committed to providing you with the guidance and assistance necessary to make the most of your CRM experience.

Managing accountability is essential for the growth and success of your accounting firm, and ABLE’s CRM tools are designed to help you achieve just that. By leveraging features such as the My Firm Dashboard, activity tracking and Net Promoter Score®, you can ensure that your team is actively engaged in business development and continuously working towards your firm’s goals. With ABLE’s comprehensive CRM solution, you can create an environment of accountability and collaboration, positioning your firm for long-term success.

My Firm Dashboard and CRoPs Tiles

ABLE’s My Firm Dashboard creates a sense of friendly competition across your team by allowing all users to see the status of each other’s CRoPs Tiles. This visibility not only encourages team members to stay on top of their most important relationships but also fosters a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards a common goal.

Tracking Business Development Progress

To help you monitor your team’s business development efforts, ABLE offers various tools and features:

  • Latest Activity Feed—This feature provides real-time updates on your team’s recent interactions, making it easy to stay informed about their progress.
  • Deals Pipeline—Track potential deals and revenue opportunities as they move through various stages of the sales process, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • User-Specific Reports—Generate customized reports to gain valuable insights into each team member’s performance, helping identify areas for improvement and growth.

Net Promoter Score®* for Client Satisfaction

ABLE also helps you maintain accountability by offering a built-in Net Promoter Score®* (NPS) feature. With NPS, you can survey your clients and identify any hidden concerns before they become lost relationships. By monitoring your firm’s NPS, you can track improvements in client loyalty metrics and address any issues that may arise, ensuring long-term client satisfaction and retention.

Included in Your Annual Subscription

All of these CRM tools designed to manage accountability are included in your annual ABLE subscription fee, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your team’s business development efforts without any additional costs.

Building a strong personal brand is essential in today’s competitive business landscape, especially for accounting professionals looking to differentiate themselves. ABLE provides the tools and resources you need to build your personal brand as an accounting thought leader and trusted business advisor. From the Thought Leadership module to the Content Library, ABLE’s features are designed to help you market yourself effectively and deliver value to your most important contacts.

The Power of Thought Leadership

With ABLE’s Thought Leadership module, you can provide your contacts with timely and relevant content, showcasing your expertise and value. Sharing insightful articles and information with your CRoPs can help solidify your personal brand and position you as a knowledgeable resource within your profession.

Personalized Communication and Content Sharing

ABLE enables you to send personalized communication to your top contacts, further enhancing your brand perception. Using the platform, you can easily share articles and information tailored to your contacts’ interests and needs. This targeted approach ensures that you’re delivering value to your most important relationships, fostering trust and credibility.

The Content Library

To help you find relevant content for sharing, ABLE offers a Content Library with a wealth of articles, videos and other resources. Each week, more than a dozen new articles are added to the library, complete with topic tags, suggested headlines, executive summaries and social media lead-ins. This extensive resource allows you to find and share content that aligns with your personal brand and the interests of your contacts.

Curating Content With ABLE

Building your personal brand doesn’t necessarily require creating original content. With ABLE, you can deliver value to your contacts by curating and sharing relevant content, positioning yourself as a reliable source of accounting insights. This approach can help you establish your brand as an expert in your field, attracting new clients and opportunities.

Included in Your Annual Subscription

All of these CRM tools designed to manage accountability are included in your annual ABLE subscription fee, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your team’s business development efforts without any additional costs.

Staying relevant to your contacts and positioning yourself as an accounting thought leader is essential for growing your accounting practice. ABLE’s Content Library is an invaluable resource for accounting professionals looking to strengthen their personal brand and client relationships. With a dedicated content curator and a wealth of curated articles, the Content Library makes it easy for you to stay informed and share relevant content with your contacts. 

The Role of the Content Curator

ABLE’s team includes a full-time content curator who is dedicated to finding and adding the most relevant and applicable articles to the Content Library. This expert scours the web, selecting high-quality content that can help you stay informed and engaged with your most important contacts. With more than a dozen articles added each week and three new articles per niche segment every 45 days, you can trust that the Content Library will always have fresh and valuable content for you to share.

Accessing and Sharing Articles

The Content Library makes it easy for you to find and send articles to your contacts. Each article comes with a summary, tags, business categories and links, making it simple to identify and share content that is relevant to your contacts’ interests and needs. By sharing these articles, you can position yourself as an accounting thought leader and foster strategic conversations with your clients.

Adding Your Own Content

If you have original content or an article that you’ve found on your own, you can easily add it to your firm’s Content Library. This feature allows you to share your unique insights and perspectives with your contacts, further solidifying your personal brand and expertise. Once added, you can share your content through ABLE’s Thought Leadership distribution center, sending it as a personalized, one-to-one communication to your most important contacts.

Building Client Relationships With the Content Library

ABLE’s Content Library empowers you to stay relevant and connected with your clients by providing timely, engaging content. By leveraging this resource, you can open the door for strategic conversations, build stronger client relationships and position yourself as a trusted advisor and accounting expert.

ABLE’s CRM platform is designed to help you manage your contacts efficiently by allowing you to store a wide range of information related to each contact. With ABLE, you can keep track of various details, making it easier to maintain relationships and stay organized. Here are some key types of information you can store on your contacts in ABLE:

Contact Information

Store essential contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and company affiliations.

Social Media Addresses

Keep track of your contacts’ social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, to better engage with them across multiple platforms.

Birthdays and Important Dates

Record birthdays, anniversaries and other significant dates to help you build stronger relationships by acknowledging important milestones in your contacts’ lives.

Notes, Tasks and Activities

Log notes about your conversations, meetings and interactions with each contact. Additionally, create tasks and track activities related to specific contacts to stay organized and ensure timely follow-up.

File Attachments on Company Records

Although ABLE does not have a dedicated document storage area for individual contacts, you can upload and attach files, such as proposals or contracts, to the associated company records.

Emailed Notes Tool

With ABLE’s Emailed Notes feature, you can forward important email messages from your email client directly to your ABLE account. This allows you to add the content of these messages to the corresponding contact records, ensuring all relevant information is easily accessible within your CRM platform.

Dashboards in ABLE provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand visual representation of your progress, helping you assess the status of your client relationships and business development efforts. With various dashboard views available, you can quickly gain insights and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Here are some of the key dashboards you’ll find in ABLE:

Client Loyalty Dashboard

Utilizing Net Promoter Score® (NPS) metrics, this dashboard provides an overview of your overall client satisfaction, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and maintain strong client relationships.

Growth Dashboards

These dashboards offer an overall view of your CRoPs Tiles, highlighting your major growth interactions. By tracking these interactions, you can ensure that you’re focusing on the most important relationships to drive your firm’s growth.

Nurture Dashboards

Similar to Growth Dashboards, Nurture Dashboards display your CRoPs Tiles based on minor, nurturing interactions. These insights help you maintain and strengthen your existing relationships by identifying opportunities for further engagement.

Growth Pipeline

This dashboard shows the number of deals and associated revenue entered into your CRoPs over the past year. With a clear view of your pipeline, you can better forecast future revenue and allocate resources effectively.

ROAI (Return on ABLE Investment)

This metric demonstrates the value of your investment in ABLE by comparing the revenue generated from deals won to your annual subscription cost. By monitoring your ROAI, you can ensure that your investment in ABLE is delivering a positive return for your firm.

Yes, you can customize certain aspects of ABLE to better align with your firm’s unique needs and preferences. Although the core functionality and terminology in ABLE are designed specifically for accounting professionals, the platform offers various customization options to ensure it meets the requirements of your firm. Here are some ways you can tailor ABLE to your firm’s unique needs:

Custom Filters

You can create and apply customizable filters to support the specific niches, categories and other aspects unique to your firm. By doing so, you can quickly segment and analyze your contacts, allowing you to develop targeted strategies and initiatives for each group.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contact and company records to capture additional information specific to your firm’s operations. This allows you to store and track relevant data points that are not covered by the default fields in ABLE.

Dashboard Configuration

Customize your dashboard views to focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your firm. By tailoring your dashboards to display the most relevant metrics, you can ensure that you’re always monitoring the right data to drive your business growth.

Customizable CRoPs Tiles

Modify the criteria used to define your Clients, Referral opportunities and Prospects (CRoPs) Tiles, ensuring that the relationships most critical to your firm’s success are prioritized within the ABLE platform.

User Access Levels and Permissions

Manage your team’s access to specific features and data within ABLE by setting up custom user roles and permissions. This allows you to control the level of access for each team member based on their role and responsibilities within your firm.

Implementation, Training and Support

At ABLE, we understand that implementing a new CRM tool can be a significant undertaking. That’s why we’ve designed our implementation process to be as smooth and efficient as possible, with a dedicated team to guide you from start to finish. The entire process typically takes three to six weeks, depending on the scope and responsiveness of your team. Here’s an overview of what you can expect during the implementation process:

Kick-Off Call

We’ll begin with a kick-off call to discuss the implementation process, set expectations and establish clear communication between our team and yours. This call is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful implementation.

Timeline Creation

After the kick-off call, we’ll develop a timeline to ensure that the implementation process is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while minimizing any disruptions to your daily operations.

Data Gathering and System Setup

This phase usually takes two to four weeks and involves collecting relevant data from your firm and setting up the necessary configurations in the ABLE system. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your data is accurately imported and integrated with the CRM platform.

Virtual Training Session

Once the data gathering and system setup are complete, we’ll provide a comprehensive two-hour virtual training session for your users. This training will cover all the essential features and functionalities of ABLE, ensuring your team is well-equipped to make the most of the platform.

Ongoing Support and Training

After the initial training is complete, your users will have access to unlimited training, support and two annual boot camps to further enhance their skills and proficiency with ABLE. Our implementation team will also check in periodically to ensure that your users are engaged with the system and receive all the support they need for continued success with ABLE.

At ABLE, we prioritize providing our users with top-notch technical support and customer service to ensure they get the most out of our CRM platform. As part of your annual subscription fee, all users have access to unlimited support, which includes the following resources:

Live Chat

Our Live Chat feature offers immediate assistance during regular business hours. Staffed by our knowledgeable support team, you can expect real-time responses from real people, not automated responses or bots.

Direct Phone Lines and Email Support

ABLE users are provided with direct phone lines and email addresses for our support team members. This allows you to quickly reach out to us with any questions or issues you may encounter, ensuring that they are resolved promptly and efficiently.

ABLE Nation

Our exclusive online community platform, ABLE Nation, connects users with each other as well as our team. This private community serves as a space for users to share tips, tricks and best practices, as well as discuss professional services issues. By participating in ABLE Nation, you can learn from your peers and gain valuable insights to enhance your experience with the platform.

Regular Updates and Improvements

We continuously work on updating and improving our CRM platform based on user feedback and accounting advancements. Our support team will keep you informed about any new features, enhancements or bug fixes to ensure your ABLE experience remains seamless and efficient.

ABLE is designed for ease of use and accessibility, which is why it does not require any software installation. As a cloud-based or Software as a Service (SaaS), CRM platform, ABLE is accessible through any web browser on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to use ABLE.

Here are some advantages of ABLE being a cloud-based CRM platform:


With ABLE, you can access your contacts, notes and other essential data from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go. This flexibility ensures that you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

ABLE’s cloud-based nature means it works seamlessly across different operating systems and devices, such as Windows, macOS android and iOS. As long as you have a web browser and internet access, you can use ABLE.

Data Security

Your data is stored on secure servers with robust encryption and backup systems in place, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected and readily available when you need it.

Automatic Updates

With a cloud-based platform, you don’t need to worry about manually updating your CRM software. ABLE is continuously updated with new features, improvements and security patches, ensuring that you always have the latest and most secure version of the platform.


ABLE can easily scale with your business as it grows, accommodating changes in the number of users, data volume and feature requirements without the need for time-consuming software installations or upgrades.

ABLE is designed to accommodate firms of all sizes and there’s no limit to the number of users you can have!

We generally recommend starting your ABLE journey with a pilot group of 10 or fewer users. This allows your team to familiarize themselves with the platform and integrate it into your firm’s culture. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of ABLE, you can easily add additional users as needed.

If your firm exceeds the baseline of 10 users, the additional user fee is prorated based on your subscription date. This means there’s no need to wait until your subscription renewal to onboard new team members and provide them with the power of ABLE.

The baseline package accommodates up to 10 users and modest incremental costs apply for each additional user. This flexible pricing structure makes ABLE an ideal CRM solution for small businesses and larger firms alike.

Key benefits of ABLE’s flexible user capacity:

  • Scalability—ABLE can grow with your firm, allowing you to add users as your team expands or your needs change.
  • Cost-Effectiveness—With prorated fees for additional users, you only pay for what you need, making it an affordable solution for firms of all sizes.
  • Team Collaboration—By accommodating multiple users, ABLE enables seamless collaboration, communication and information sharing across your entire team.
  • Customized User Experience—Each user can tailor their ABLE dashboard and settings to meet their unique needs and preferences, ensuring that every team member gets the most out of the platform.

Subscription and Pricing

ABLE’s pricing is designed to offer a cost-effective and comprehensive CRM solution for accounting firms. Our annual subscription model provides you with full access to all of ABLE’s features without any hidden costs or expensive add-ons. 

Here’s an overview of the pricing structure:

Annual Subscription

The base fee for an annual subscription is $6,500, which covers up to 10 users and 2 admins. Additional users can be added for a modest increase in cost, with pricing adjusted in blocks of users.

Setup Fee

A one-time fee of $1,995 covers basic setup, which includes system configuration, data migration and initial training to ensure your team gets up and running with ABLE smoothly.

Inclusive Features

Your investment provides your firm with full access to all of ABLE’s features, including implementation, contact list upload and ongoing support. There are no costly add-ons or surprise expenses.

60-Day Guarantee

We stand by the value of our CRM solution and offer a 60-day guarantee for new users. If you decide within the first 60 days that ABLE isn’t the right fit for your firm, we will refund your subscription fee, minus the setup fee (though we’ve never been asked to do so).

For complete pricing information, please refer to our pricing page on our website.

ABLE is committed to providing the best possible CRM experience to our users and this includes regularly updating the platform with new features and enhancements. These updates are part of your annual subscription fee, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most effective tools without any additional costs.

Here’s how ABLE updates work:

Regular Updates

We consistently monitor user feedback and accounting trends to improve and expand our platform’s functionality. ABLE undergoes occasional updates to introduce new features and optimize existing ones.

Inclusive Pricing

Updates are included in your annual subscription fee, meaning there are no hidden or extra costs when new features are launched. Every user has access to the same version of the software, ensuring a consistent and effective experience across all firms.

User-Driven Development

Many updates are the result of feedback from our users, reflecting our commitment to building a platform that truly meets the needs of accounting professionals. We encourage users to share their insights and ideas through channels such as Live Chat support and ABLE Nation, our exclusive online user community.

At ABLE, we are confident that our CRM platform offers accounting firms the tools and support they need to achieve growth and success. However, we understand that every firm is unique and our solution may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

To ensure that you have complete peace of mind when choosing ABLE, we offer a 60-day guarantee. If, within the first 60 days, you decide that ABLE isn’t the right fit for your accounting firm, we will refund your money, providing you with a risk-free opportunity to explore our platform and evaluate its value for your business.

Our primary goal is to help accounting firms thrive and we are committed to working with you to ensure that ABLE meets your needs. If you find that our platform isn’t the right solution for your firm, we encourage you to let us know so we can better understand your concerns and, if possible, address them. We are continuously striving to improve our product and services based on user feedback and your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of ABLE.

In the end, our priority is your satisfaction and success and we are here to support you every step of the way as you determine the best CRM solution for your accounting firm.

At ABLE, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. While our CRM platform stores general client contact information, we do not store highly sensitive information such as payment details, social security numbers, tax ID numbers or other confidential data. 

To ensure the protection of the information stored on our systems, we implement strict security measures, including:

Data Encryption

All data transmitted between your browser and our servers is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring the confidentiality of the information exchanged.

Access Control

We have implemented access control measures to limit unauthorized access to the system, including password protection, two-factor authentication and role-based access restrictions.

Regular Security Audits

We conduct periodic security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address any potential risks to the security of our platform.

Secure Data Storage

We store your data in secure, state-of-the-art data centers that are compliant with accounting standards and best practices for data protection.

Data Backup and Redundancy

We perform regular backups of your data and maintain multiple redundant copies across geographically separated data centers to ensure data availability and integrity.

Privacy Compliance

We adhere to applicable data privacy regulations and best practices, ensuring that your client information is handled responsibly and securely.

At ABLE, we take data security seriously and employ robust encryption methods to protect your information. Our data encryption focuses on securing data in-transit, ensuring the safe transmission of information between your browser and our servers.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol, utilizing 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. This encryption standard provides a high level of security, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access, tampering or interception during transmission.

By implementing SSL/TLS encryption with 128-bit AES, we ensure that the communication between your browser and our servers is secure, providing you with a reliable and protected environment to manage your client relationships and business development activities.

ABLE is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy for our clients. We are proud to have passed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 audit, which demonstrates our dedication to upholding a secure and reliable infrastructure.

The SOC 1 audit is performed by an independent auditing firm and evaluates the design and effectiveness of an organization’s internal controls related to financial reporting. By successfully completing this audit, we provide our clients with the assurance that our CRM platform is managed securely and responsibly, adhering to accounting best practices.

Documentation of our SOC 1 audit is available upon request. Please contact our support team if you would like to review this documentation or if you have any additional questions about our security measures and certifications.

As of now, ABLE does not offer single sign-on capabilities through an API. We understand the value of seamless integration and easy access to multiple systems within your organization and we are continually working to enhance our CRM platform to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our development team is actively working on creating an API to enable single sign-on capabilities and facilitate integrations with other software applications you might use in your business. This will allow for a more streamlined user experience and make ABLE an even more powerful and efficient tool for your firm.

Please stay tuned for updates regarding the progress of our API development. We are committed to improving our platform and delivering the best possible experience for our users.

ABLE is committed to maintaining the security of our users’ data, including password protection. Currently, we use the MD5 hashing algorithm to encrypt passwords before storing them in our systems. This method provides a basic level of password protection.

While MD5 is a widely-used cryptographic hash function, it is worth noting that there are more advanced and secure options available. As technology evolves and accounting standards change, we continuously evaluate our security practices to ensure that we are offering the best possible protection for our users. We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of security and data protection and we strive to adapt and enhance our security measures as needed.

We understand that your data is valuable and that you may need to access it even after canceling your ABLE subscription. To ensure a smooth transition, we have a process in place for retrieving your data.

Individual users can export their data directly from their profiles before the subscription is canceled. This includes contacts, notes, tasks, activities and any other information associated with their account.

Upon cancellation, our support team will assist you in exporting your firm’s entire database of contacts, along with other relevant data. We will provide you with a downloadable file, usually in CSV or Excel format, containing all the information stored in the ABLE application.

It is essential to request this data export before the final cancellation of your subscription, as we may not be able to retrieve the information after the account has been terminated. Our support team will guide you through the process and ensure that you receive your data promptly.

If we cancel our subscription, how is our data removed from your system?

At ABLE, we take data security and privacy seriously. If you decide to cancel your subscription, we have a thorough process in place to ensure that your data is removed from our system:

  • Before the cancellation process begins, each user should export their data from their profiles, as mentioned in the previous answer.
  • Once all users have retrieved their data and the firm has confirmed the cancellation, our support team will initiate the process of deleting your firm’s data.
  • All data associated with your account, including contacts, notes, tasks and activities, will be permanently deleted from our servers. This action is irreversible and ensures that your information is no longer stored or accessible within our system.
  • Our servers maintain backup copies of data for a period of seven days. After this period, the backups containing your data will also be deleted, ensuring that no trace of your information remains on our system.

We understand the importance of protecting your data and preserving your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about the data removal process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.