ABLE Best Practice: Regular Team Meetings

A common challenge that firms face, including ours, is the need to create an effective system for team accountability. According to this article in the Harvard Business Review, the best performing teams hold themselves accountable. Developing a culture of motivation among your team is no small task. At ABLE, we’ve established team accountability via a system of regular team check-ins. Read on for a closer look at our approach.

Best Practices for Incorporating ABLE Into Team Meetings

Please note: We hold our team meetings monthly, so the outline that follows uses that time frame (but you can easily alter it to fit your team’s needs).

The Review

To start our session, each participant spends a few minutes reviewing their CRoPs activity over the last month. This gives team members the opportunity to celebrate their successes, share their best practices, and highlight their efforts. Typically, everyone comes to the table with something to share—perhaps that’s the vibe of positive competition we’ve developed at ABLE coming through. Each participant spends about five minutes sharing before passing the baton to the next person.

The Challenge

Next, a team member highlights a feature in ABLE and challenges the team to use it more effectively. For example, during a recent session, we discussed the when, what, how, and why of entering deals into the pipeline. We spend time asking questions and discussing the functionality, then close with a challenge to use the function more effectively moving forward.

The Goal Tracking/Celebration

Lastly, we review our goals. We set our main goals annually and, once those are determined, we break them down into measurable monthly goals. The discussion centers around where we are in terms of reaching our monthly goals, any changes required, and what commitments we can each make to help hit our targets in the next month. Another element of this section is to highlight and celebrate any team members who exceeded expectations in the last month.

We believe the biggest challenge of implementing any new system is developing a team culture of participation and accountability. With our regular ABLE team meetings, we encourage team interaction, drive best practices, and elevate our goals to achieve definitive team commitment. Our team is consistently on board and hits their targets because we’ve engaged everyone in a system of true accountability.

What are you doing to ensure your team is on board with your firm’s goals and objectives?

Did you know ABLE provides tools for accountability within your team? Schedule a demo to learn more.