No Spam Here

As the accounting industry changes and more firms are vying for the same business, it is more important than ever to follow up with your key clients regularly. When you keep the level of satisfaction high, it is more difficult for another firm to court one of your cherished relationships.

Sharing Valuable Content

Your clients want to hear from you outside of tax season. In today’s climate, your clients rely on you for your expertise and guidance. When you proactively send regular and relevant communications to your clients, you keep your firm top-of-mind and further solidify your relationship.

The content has to be relevant and meaningful. This is what differentiates your correspondence from spam.

Before sending nurturing correspondence, ask yourself if the content is truly helpful and meaningful or if you are sending something just to send something. If the answers aren’t “yes” and “no” respectively then we recommend you wait and send something of value.

Finding Shareable Content

Relevant content curation is key in streamlining this process. There are a number of sources to help you aggregate appropriate information for your clients, including RSS feeds, industry newsletters, and any number of content delivery tools.

What are some of your favorite sources?

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