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How to Use ABLE

Streamline your Operations

ABLE CRM is a powerful business management tool designed to help you streamline your operations, enhance your personal brand and improve client relationships. In this guide, we will walk you through the key features of ABLE and how to get the most out of this innovative platform.

Managing Client Relationships

Building strong client relationships is crucial for your firm’s success. ABLE CRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you effectively manage and nurture your professional connections. With features like CRoPs tiles, contact and company management, referral addition, and email notes importing, ABLE ensures you have all the resources necessary to foster productive and lasting relationships with your clients, referral opportunities and prospects.

  1. Creating CRoPs Tiles

    CRoPs (Clients, Referral Opportunities and Prospects) Tiles provide a visual representation of your most important business relationships, helping you prioritize and manage your interactions. To create Tiles, navigate to the CRoPs section and add contacts according to their role as a client, referral opportunity or prospect. Track your interactions, set reminders and receive notifications for essential tasks related to each contact, ensuring you stay on top of your professional relationships.

  2. Managing Contacts and Companies

    ABLE makes it easy to organize and manage your contacts and companies within the platform. Click the person icon to access the Contacts section, where you can search, filter and edit contact and company information. Additionally, you can view associated tasks, deals and historical interactions for a comprehensive overview of your professional relationships, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  3. Adding Referrals

    Expand your network by seamlessly adding referrals in ABLE. To do this, click the people icon to access the Add a Referral screen, fill in the required fields and save the new referral. With each new addition, you create opportunities for future collaborations, business partnerships and increased revenue potential.

  4. Importing Email Notes

    ABLE’s Email Notes integration allows you to keep all your important email correspondence in one centralized location. To enable this feature, go to the Settings tab, turn on Email Notes and start forwarding or BCC’ing emails to your unique ABLE email address. This consolidates all your critical email conversations within the Email Notes section, making it easy to access, organize and reference relevant communications when needed.

Building Your Brand

Developing and maintaining a strong personal brand is essential for accounting firm success. ABLE CRM provides the tools and resources necessary to help you establish and promote your personal brand, showcasing your expertise and differentiating yourself from competitors. ABLE empowers you to create a compelling and engaging brand that resonates with your clients and prospects, ultimately driving business growth.

  1. Using Search Features in the Content Library

    ABLE’s Content Library offers a vast collection of articles and resources to help you build your personal brand and establish your expertise. Utilize the search features by entering keywords, topics or tags to find valuable content that aligns with your professional interests and areas of expertise, ensuring that the content you share is relevant and informative to your audience.

  2. Adding New Articles to the Content Library

    Elevate your thought leadership presence by submitting original content or curated articles to the Content Library. To add new articles, simply provide the article URL, title, description and relevant tags. By consistently updating the Content Library with insightful and engaging content, you’ll position yourself as an expert in your field, attracting new clients and prospects.

  3. Sharing Articles From the Content Library

    Distribute valuable content from the Content Library to your contacts via email, social media or other communication channels. ABLE makes it easy to customize your message, add your personal touch and target specific audiences. By regularly sharing relevant and informative content, you’ll promote your personal brand, foster engagement with clients and prospects, and solidify your reputation as a thought leader in your profession.

Fostering Team Collaboration and Accountability

ABLE CRM offers a suite of features designed to facilitate seamless teamwork, streamline task management and foster a culture of accountability within your practice. By leveraging these tools, you’ll enable your team to work together more efficiently, stay informed about project developments and maintain a clear focus on priorities and goals.

  1. Adding and Managing Tasks

    Ensure smooth team collaboration and manage tasks efficiently with ABLE’s intuitive Task feature. Click the checkmark icon to create a new Task, enter the necessary details and assign the Task to a contact, deal or team member. As Tasks are completed, your dashboards update in real-time, providing you and your team with a clear overview of your accomplishments, progress and areas that require attention.

  2. Monitoring and Communicating Task Progress

    Keep your team informed and aligned with ABLE’s Task monitoring and communication tools. Collaborate on Tasks by leaving comments, attaching files and setting reminders for deadlines. This promotes open communication and accountability within your team, ensuring that everyone stays up to date with the latest task developments and responsibilities.

  3. Marking Tasks as Completed

    Stay organized and on top of your priorities by sorting Tasks based on due dates and completion status. Utilize filters to view tasks by associated users, contacts, deals and activity types, and quickly mark Tasks as complete to maintain a productive and efficient workflow. By diligently tracking Task completion, you’ll foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation within your team, boosting overall productivity and performance.

Optimizing Sales Pipeline

Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales pipeline is crucial for the growth and success of your CPA firm. ABLE CRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you manage your deals and opportunities, monitor your sales performance and make data-driven decisions that support your revenue goals. By leveraging ABLE’s sales pipeline features, you’ll gain valuable insights, stay organized and maintain a clear focus on the activities that drive results.

  1. Organizing Deals and Opportunities

    The Sales Pipeline section in ABLE enables you to view and organize your deals and opportunities, ensuring you stay up to date on the status of each business prospect. The default screen displays pending deals, while additional tabs allow you to view won, lost or suspended deals, providing a comprehensive picture of your Sales Pipeline.

  2. Updating and Managing Deals and Opportunities

    Easily manage your deals and opportunities within ABLE by updating deal information, marking deals as won or lost, or deleting deals when necessary. Click the pencil icon to edit details or use the trashcan icon to remove a deal. Use filters to view deals by user, timeframe or book of business, creating a tailored view of your Sales Pipeline that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

  3. Tracking Deal History and Monitoring Sales Performance

    ABLE’s Deal History feature grants you valuable insights into past performance, allowing you to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement. Continuously monitor your ongoing sales efforts to ensure your team is making progress and achieving desired results. By keeping a close eye on your sales performance, you can proactively address challenges and seize opportunities, ultimately driving growth and success for your business.

Leveraging Client Feedback

Utilizing client feedback is essential for understanding your clients’ needs and expectations, as well as identifying areas where your firm can improve. ABLE CRM provides tools that allow you to gather and analyze client feedback, helping you make informed decisions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By incorporating client feedback into your business strategy, you can enhance client satisfaction, strengthen relationships and drive long-term success.

  1. Creating and Sending Surveys

    ABLE’s Survey feature allows you to design and send customized surveys to your clients, gathering valuable feedback on their experiences with your firm or services. Tailor your survey questions to address specific areas of interest or concern and gain insights into your clients’ preferences and expectations.

  2. Calculating and Analyzing NPS Scores

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful metric to measure client satisfaction and loyalty. Calculate NPS scores by subtracting the percentage of detractors (clients who rate their experience poorly) from the percentage of promoters (clients who rate their experience highly). Analyze these scores along with client feedback to identify areas for improvement, recognize strengths and ensure you’re meeting or exceeding client expectations.

  3. Sharing Survey Results

    Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and maintain a strong focus on client satisfaction by sharing survey results with your team. Discuss insights, identify trends and collaboratively develop strategies to enhance client experiences. By fostering open communication and a shared commitment to improvement, you can ensure your team remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service and driving business success.

ABLE CRM is a robust, feature-rich platform designed to empower your CPA firm by streamlining operations, reinforcing your personal brand and fostering strong client relationships. By leveraging the full suite of tools and features ABLE offers, you can unlock your firm’s true potential and achieve greater success.

Personalize Your Experience

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