ABLE Feature: Content Library Spotlight

In our new series, “Accounting CRM Feature,” we take a look at some of the tools and features offered by ABLE that uniquely qualify it as a CRM for accountants.

Last week we discussed the importance of establishing a thought leadership routine. This week, we want to introduce you to a great thought leadership tool that is unique to ABLE—our Content Library Spotlight.


An Exciting New Accounting CRM Feature


If you’ve been keeping up with the ABLE blog, then you already know about ABLE’s Content Library. This curated and regularly updated database is populated with relevant articles for ABLE users to share with their contacts. Each article comes complete with an executive summary, tags, business categories, and links.

ABLE’s Content Library Spotlight takes it a step further. This accounting CRM feature goes into action when something big happens—such as the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision back in June. ABLE’s content experts find relevant articles and craft an email frame to go with them. ABLE users simply choose the article they’d like to share, adjust the email frame to fit their particular contacts (if necessary), and send it out. Here’s a sneak peek at what this looks like in ABLE:

Accounting CRM feature: ABLE's Content Library Spotlight


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When it comes to establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and valued thought leader, ABLE is the best CRM for accountants. Need more convincing? Check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” series, or take a look at this CRM comparison chart.

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