How to Make Thought Leadership a Part of Your Routine

[one_fourth_last]To survive as a CPA in an increasingly competitive field, consider distinguishing yourself by establishing a strong thought leadership routine.


The accounting industry is changing. No longer is it sufficient to simply fill out forms and be done—there’s an app for that. To remain relevant, accounting professionals need to position themselves as valued advisors, knowledgeable consultants, and thought leaders in their field.

One fantastic method for showing your contacts that you are a thought leader in the field is to regularly share compelling content with them. Sending a quick email summarizing and linking to a relevant article will make your contact aware that you are keeping up with their field and the subjects that are important to them. The next time they need advice, your name will be top-of-mind.


How to Establish a Thought Leadership Routine


The key to building your reputation as a thought leader is consistency. Consider blocking out a small chunk of time each week to focus your thought leadership routine. Spend the time finding and sharing relevant content with your important contacts.


Where to Find Content for Your Thought Leadership Routine


1. Industry Newsletters

Read what your contacts are (or should be) reading. The more you know, the better you can advise them. If you have a lot of manufacturing clients, check out Manufacturing Today; if you serve clients in the hospitality industry, read Hospitality Net—you get the idea.


2. Social Media

Next, turn to social media. Similar to keeping up with industry newsletter, consider following industry leaders and joining industry groups on social media. LinkedIn is probably the best place, but Facebook is also a great resource for this.


3. Google News

A fast and easy way to find content to share is through a quick google search. From, type in your search criteria—for example, “agriculture”—then hit ‘Google Search.’ At the top of the page, just under the search bar, select the tab for ‘News’ to see a great selection of recent stories relevant to your search term. This is also great way to find new industry sources to keep up with.


4. Content Library

Lastly, though you don’t want to bombard your contacts with thought leadership emails, you do want to make sure to keep up with them regularly. Consider storing up a bank of articles to share regularly, so that you don’t have to search for new content every time you want to reach out to a contact. Many customer relationship management systems offer a file library where users can store and share their documents—this is a great place to keep the articles that you collect.


ABLE Makes Your Thought Leadership Routine a Snap!


As mentioned above, many CRMs offer a file storage and sharing system. ABLE takes it a step further. ABLE users gain access to a curated and organized Content Library full of articles just a few clicks away from your contact’s inbox. Simply visit the library, select a relevant piece of thought leadership, and send it off to one or multiple contacts at a time (don’t worry, each recipient will see it as a one-to-one email). You can also use ABLE’s content library to store articles that you curate yourself.

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