How the ABLE Team Embraces a Virtual Work Environment: Katie

Katie loves the benefits of working from home. Today we take a look at the features of her workspace, her favorite benefit of working remotely, and her tip for remaining productive. 


The Benefits of Working From Home

In the spring of 2019, the ABLE team made the transition to working 100% remotely. In this new series, we’re going to explore what our team has learned about the benefits of working remotely. We’ll examine each team members’ workspace, then look at their favorite benefit of working from home. Each installment will also offer a tip for staying productive in a remote work environment. Today you’ll hear from Katie Lanxon, ABLE’s Client Engagement Manager.


Katie’s Desk Essentials

Take a look at Katie’s home workspace, then scroll down for a description of her desktop essentials.

  1. Glass of water – “It’s important to stay hydrated! I try to always keep some water nearby. Drinking water throughout the day helps me stay alert and focused.”
  2. Notepad – “I find it easier to remember things when I write them down, rather than typing them into a note on my computer. I like to make a to-do list at the beginning of each day. Doing so helps me get organized and remain focused.”
  3. Headphones – “Listening to music helps me stay on task. Currently, my favorite playlist includes Old Dominion, Lizzo, and John Mayer.”
  4. Candle – “I love lighting a scented candle to make my workspace smell good. It helps me stay relaxed throughout the workday. This is definitely something I couldn’t have when I worked at an office!”
  5. Framed photos – “Being surrounded by pictures of my family and friends reminds me to be thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life.”


Tips for Working Remotely

What’s your favorite benefit of working from home?

Definitely the commute—that is, not having one! I commuted for a few years. Not having one now made me realize how much time travelling to work takes away from your life. Plus, I feel like commuting every day had a big negative impact on my attitude. It always put me in a bad mood! Working virtually has really been great for my mindset and my work-life balance.


What’s your favorite productivity tip for working remotely?

In my opinion, you need a designated work space. When you work from home, it’s easy to let work bleed over into the rest of your daily life. I’ve found that setting clear boundaries makes a big difference. That means that my desk is my work area. I don’t use it for other things. This helps me be productive and focused when I’m in that space, and not working when I’m off the clock.

I know that some people who work remotely like to move around. They work from different places in their house or go to a coffee shop or the library. For me, I would not be as productive without an area that is only meant for work.


ABLE Fosters Accountability in Remote Teams

Is your firm considering allowing your team to work remotely? Or maybe you have already instituted a policy that lets your team to work from home—how’s that working out for you? Did you know that ABLE can help?

One of the pillars of ABLE is that it supports accountability within teams of accounting professionals. It does so both with teams working within an office space and with those working remotely. To find out more, schedule a free, no-obligations demo today!