How the ABLE Team Embraces a Virtual Work Environment: Jeff

Jeff has found that there are a lot of benefits of working remotely. Scroll down to check out the features of his home workspace, learn about what he likes most about working from home and discover how he remains productive.


The Benefits of Working From Home

In the spring of 2019, the ABLE team made the transition to working 100% remotely. In this series, we explore what our team has learned about the benefits of working remotely. We examine each team members’ workspace, then look at their favorite benefit of working from home. Each installment also offers a tip for staying productive in a remote work environment. Today you’ll hear from Jeff Pawlow, ABLE’s CEO.


Jeff’s Desk Essentials

Take a look at Jeff’s home workspace, then scroll down for a description of his desktop essentials.


  1. Professional microphone – “I spend a lot of time in video conferences. It’s very important in that situation that you can be heard clearly. Just think about the last time you were on a call with somebody with bad audio—annoying, right?”
  2. Professional web camera – “This goes along with the professional microphone. Clear image is perhaps not as important as clear audio, but it is still important.”
  3. Curved monitor – “I love this monitor. The large display allows me to have multiple windows open at once, which lets me work more efficiently. Having a monitor that curves is great because it eases strain on my eyes.”
  4. Wireless mouse & keyboard – “I prefer wireless computer accessories because it reduces clutter and means I don’t have to deal with cumbersome cords.”
  5. Organizer trays – “I don’t deal with a lot of paper these days—most everything is digital at this point. That said, the paper documents I have around are generally pretty important, so keeping track of them and keeping them organized is vital.”


Tips for Working From Home

What are the benefits of working remotely?

“There are a lot of benefits of working from home. I’ve found that one of the biggest for me is how it has increased my productivity. It has really helped with my work-life balance. This may seem counter-intuitive, but when something work-related crops up, I like that I can deal with it right away. I don’t have to save it for when I get to the office, because my office is at home. I love that I can just take care of it immediately.”


What’s your favorite productivity tip for working remotely?

“My favorite tip to give people who ask me about working from home is to invest in a great headset. My high-quality, wireless headset has been great. I spend a lot of time on the phone—a whole lot. The wireless headset gives me the freedom to move around while on calls.”


ABLE Fosters Accountability in Remote Teams

Is your firm considering allowing your team to work remotely? Or maybe you have already instituted a policy that lets your team to work from home—how’s that working out for you? Did you know that ABLE can help?

One of the pillars of ABLE is that it supports accountability within teams of accounting professionals. It does so both with teams working within an office space and with those working remotely. To find out more, schedule a free, no-obligations demo today!