Evolution of the Profession

Do you remember the visions of the future you had as a child? Maybe there were flying cars and robot maids, or hoverboards and self-drying clothes. Well, the future is now. Our cars may not fly (yet), but they can drive themselves. We may not have Rosie from The Jetsons, but Roombas updated how we clean. Some refrigerators even stream videos now. Technological disruption abounds.

Advances in technology impact every industry, and the accounting profession is not immune to such disruption. As we look at the ways automation and artificial intelligence will transform how CPAs do business, we end up staring down a major shift.

In light of this, Jeff Pawlow, ABLE CEO, wrote an e-book breaking down the changes to the profession. You can download this free e-book from our new website, disruptionhub.org.

From the Agricultural Economy to the Knowledge-Worker Age

This e-book, The Evolution of the Accounting Profession, reviews three major time periods in the accounting profession and analyzes the events that forced radical adaptation.

From the days when competition debuted to now when technology threatens everything we do, this e-book will help you understand how to compete and succeed in the Knowledge-Worker Age. (To find out what we mean by the Knowledge-Worker Age, you have to download the book!)

This is a relationship business. We have to nurture our most important contacts, position ourselves as trusted advisors, and build an internal culture of synergy and accountability.

If you are going to survive, you have to ask yourself why someone would pay you a premium fee for your services. Can you answer that question?

It’s no longer a question of “if” the work can be completed correctly. Clients expect that. You have the upper hand in turning an engagement into a relationship. Take your experience and expertise and apply that to specific situations, resulting in comprehensive solutions tailored to your client’s specific needs.

Robots can’t do that.

You have to go back to basics in order to thrive. Understand where growth comes from, implement practices for disciplined marketing, build a brand as a strategic partner.

Are you ready? Download the e-book here and disrupt the disruption.

To arm yourself with a simple-to-use tool that will solidify your most important client, prospect, and referral source relationships, schedule a demo to see what ABLE can do.