Training for Growth

At ABLE we invest in our clients. Of course, we want them to use and love our platform, but we take it a step further.

Our passion lies in helping our clients become better at business. We want them to succeed, grow their practices, and develop deeper relationships.

We believe in life-long learning. As the saying goes, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

That’s why we have a strategic relationship with consultants at The Growth Partnership. This relationship provides ABLE clients with an opportunity to take advantage of these unique educational offerings and build skills imperative for success.

ABLE Academy

ABLE Academy drills down on four major marketing disciplines. These include building a culture around outstanding client service, building and nurturing referral relationships, personal branding, and effective lead generation.

When you engage in ABLE Academy, an instructor will come to your firm to work closely with your team on not just the curriculum, but how to incorporate these lessons into your day-to-day and leverage ABLE to support your routine.

Beyond Business Development

Ensuring a sustainable future should be a huge priority for firms. In fact, this year’s Rosenberg Survey shows that the average age of partners is starting to decline. This trend will continue as baby boomers retire and younger generations move into those roles.

As part of your firm’s succession plan, you need to consider a quality leadership development program. The Growth Partnership offers a three-year experience called The Partner Institute, or TPI. This program is designed for those on the partner track or those recently promoted to partner. Focused on four overarching themes, participants will learn from industry experts and receive perspectives from outside the profession.

TPI’s effectiveness is evidenced in last year’s Rosenberg Survey. The $2 million-plus firms with TPI alumni showed an 8 percent increase in net-income-per-partner over their baselines.

Invest in Progress

The Growth Partnership offers several other training opportunities in addition to TPI. The best part? ABLE clients receive a 10% discount on their offerings. And of course, each session counts for CPE.

For a deeper dive into the details, visit the ABLE Training page on The Growth Partnership website.

To get a comprehensive overview on how ABLE can support your firm’s growth (and open the door for significant training discounts through The Growth Partnership), schedule a demo today.