If You Are Willing, We Are ABLE

Successful business development strategies encompass four main ideas.

The first big idea is based on the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of the outcomes result from 20 percent of the inputs. Chances are, a mere 20 percent of your clients are driving 80 percent of your business.  From a business development standpoint, it is imperative to proactively manage those key relationships to ensure sustainable and profitable growth.

The second big idea is personal branding. Your brand is more than your logo or your services. It is your clients’ perception of your firm. Your clients will recognize you as a true business advisor and thought leader.

The third component is team synergy. Your team should be in sync regarding business development activities. To be successful and drive business, the “right hand” should know what the “left hand” is doing.

Finally, the fourth component is accountability. How do team members stay accountable to themselves and to each other regarding business development?

If You Are Willing

As a busy CPA, you do not have a lot of extra time. Billable hours take priority, but without a solid business development strategy and a culture of accountability, you risk not winning new business or deepening engagements with your existing clients.


ABLE is a CRM platform designed for the accounting profession by the accounting profession.

80/20 Rule: ABLE’s unique CRoPs Tiles empower you to manage your top 12 Client, 10 Referral opportunities, and 14 Prospect relationships. Our research indicates that these 36 business relationships are likely the 20 percent driving the vast majority of your revenue. On these Tiles, you can record both major and minor interactions and ensure the relationships are positively reinforced.

Branding: The Thought Leadership distribution tool and ABLE’s Content Library provide the means for you to send tailored and relevant content to your contacts. Framed as a one-to-one email, you can engage in meaningful conversations with your contacts, which positions you as a trusted advisor.

Synergy: Within ABLE, you can record all calls, notes, interactions, and information on your contact records. Members of your team will be in the know on how all relationships are progressing and seamlessly keep each other informed.

Accountability: In ABLE, all users see the status of the teams’ CRoPs Tiles, every deal in the system, and most recent actions.

When you subscribe to ABLE, you gain a partner in business development. We customize all training and onboarding to your firm’s needs. All users have access to unlimited technical support.

See how ABLE can accelerate your business development strategy and position your firm for business development success.