Minor Growth Interactions

In a different post, we covered the impact of major interactions in important business relationships. While major interactions with your most important business relationships play a significant role, they may occur only quarterly, bi-annually, or even annually. With that being said, the question becomes, “How do you stay on the radar between those interactions?”

This article from Business.com recommends several tactics for client interactions. The number one suggestion is ongoing communication. It is important to maintain communication with your Clients, Referral opportunities, and Prospects (CRoPs) to solidify those relationships and accelerate growth.

The Little Things that Matter

Minor, or nurturing, interactions are smaller in scale and represent the niceties that ultimately differentiate you from your competitors. These interactions can be as simple as a birthday card, an after-hours voicemail, or a timely email with relevant content. These are the interactions that will keep you in the forefront and convey a positive message about your brand.

Many professionals overlook minor interactions because of the perception that they take too much time. Some perceive personal touches as difficult to automate or remember, and thus consider them “expendable.”

ABLE’s Thought Leadership module offers an out-of-the-box solution for a minor interaction. With this tool, you can send relevant content to individual contacts or specific groups with a personalized message. When you send this message, ABLE records interaction and resets the 45-day timer. You have opened the door for future interactions with just a few clicks. This entire process takes only five to seven minutes and has the potential to return exponentially on a small investment of time.

For more details on leveraging ABLE’s Thought Leadership to stay in touch with your contacts, schedule a demo.