What Are You Famous For?

Your clients choose to work with you because you are a trusted service provider who knows their business and industry. As an expert in the field, you have the ability to defend your practice and engagement fees against low-cost general service firms. Your expertise also provides an opportunity for long-term engagements.

Broad Focus or Narrow Niche?

For some practitioners, the thought of narrowing the area of focus seems counterintuitive to growth. Focusing on a narrow niche may appear to reduce the probability of success when compared to the possibility of providing a wider range of services.

Interestingly, the exact opposite is true. When you narrow your focus and earn that fame, you are more likely to accelerate client and referral acquisition.

Becoming famous in today’s knowledge-worker age is easier than ever thanks to content aggregation and social media. These tools allow technical experts to brand themselves and their firms like never before. There are innumerable sources, tools, and opportunities to absorb content, almost to the point of exhaustive overwhelm.

Given that, how can you position yourself as a source of relevant content and information for your clients? More importantly, how can you efficiently approach the task of serving as that hub of information?

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Within the context of ABLE, the Thought Leadership module provides a way for practitioners to deliver relevant content to clients in a personalized manner. You know the importance of nurturing your key clients at least once every 45 days. Through the ABLE Thought Leadership module, you can identify, categorize, and share pre-loaded content with your clients. In addition, you have the opportunity to customize the messaging so your client will receive a personalized message from you. Your clients appreciate the highly relevant content you have aggregated for them, and in turn start to see you as a thought leader and advisor as opposed to only a service provider or vendor.

To see how Thought Leadership can add value to your client communications, schedule a demo today.