Streamlining Your Processes

Post-It notes. Outlook reminders. To-do lists scrawled on a legal pad. We have historically used these tools to remind us to complete tasks, buy milk, or make a specific phone call. And then it never fails—we wake up at 3 a.m. with the sinking feeling that we forgot to make an important phone call.

Today’s market features a number of task management, contact management, and reminder systems. Even our phones can serve us in this capacity. But what is the fail-safe system, and how can we best inform our colleagues of where our workflow stands?

The One-System Approach

Let one system manage your contact nurturing for you. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, asserts that developing a system and subsequently trusting that system is the best way to ensure your tasks stay up to date, allowing you the freedom to do what you do best.

For better or worse, no one system is perfect for every individual or every firm. Each individual has a unique perspective and task management preference, and each firm has different business development processes. Then consider the number of products on the market today, from the low-tech pad of paper to the high-tech custom-built management systems.

The question ultimately becomes not what is the best-of-breed solution, but what is the best-of-need solution?

As an organization, take some time to identify what your desired outcomes are. Also consider system aspects such as ease of use and accessibility.

The ABLE Solution

At the risk of self-serving, ABLE’s CRoPs Tiles and dashboard provide a solid solution. CRoPs tiles allow you to effectively manage your top 36 relationships, and clearly notify you when those relationships have gone without nurture for a period of time. Additionally, ABLE offers collaboration feeds whereby all team members can understand where client relationships stand.

What are your top best-of-need requirements?

Did you know CRoPs Tiles clearly display the status of your most important client relationships? Schedule a no-obligation demo to see how ABLE can help you stay on top of your relationships.