What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

When you tell people you are a CPA, they have a general idea of how you spend your days. But if you are pursuing a prospect or upselling to an existing client, they need a more specific and compelling description of your services. You need an elevator pitch.

Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Most sources say you have 90 seconds to capture someone’s attention. This article from Accounting Today offers tips for developing your elevator pitch. It should feel natural and relevant to your listener.

Do you have an effective statement at the ready in your toolkit? Solidifying your brand plays a significant role in doing business with current and future clients. It’s a CRM best practice.

Your pitch should describe how your firm can take your client’s business to the next level. You can’t just promote that your firm can complete the best tax return or the most thorough audit. That work can be performed by other providers (or even robots) for a lower fee.

Ask yourself what you can offer that the other guys can’t.

Don’t Stop at 90 Seconds

Continually convey your worth throughout the course of the relationship. This doesn’t mean simply adding the contact’s email address to your e-newsletter distribution list. Reinforce your importance at every stage of interaction. Remind your contacts why working with you is the best business decision they can make.

Position yourself as their partner. Communicate useful information to them and explain how you are able to help.

In order to remain relevant and position yourself as an advisor, you need to ensure you are nurturing your contacts, sending them information that matters with an invitation to engage, and staying top-of-mind.

If you are looking for an easy way to communicate your value and manage your most important relationships, let us show you how ABLE will meet your needs.