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What Are CRoPs?

Unlocking the Potential of Your Most Important Relationships

At ABLE CRM, we believe that the key to success in the accounting profession lies in the ability to cultivate strong and meaningful relationships with your most valuable contacts. CRoPs, our acronym for Clients, Referral Opportunities and Prospects, are a powerful tool designed to help you focus on the relationships that matter most. But what exactly are CRoPs and how can they transform your accounting firm’s growth and success? Let’s dive into the world of CRoPs and discover their true potential.

The Three Pillars of CRoPs

  1. Clients

    Your top clients are the lifeblood of your accounting firm, often accounting for a significant portion of your revenue. By identifying and prioritizing your 12 most important clients, you can ensure they receive the attention they deserve. ABLE’s CRoPs system empowers you to monitor the health of these relationships, schedule and track interactions, and maintain strong connections with your most valuable clients.

  2. Referral Opportunities

    A strong referral network is essential for generating new business and maintaining a positive reputation in the accounting profession. CRoPs focus on the 10 most productive referral sources in your network, allowing you to prioritize and nurture these high-performing relationships. By keeping track of inbound and outbound referrals, you can maintain a healthy balance of exchanges and foster mutual growth.

  3. Prospects

    Targeting the right prospects is crucial for sustainable growth and success. CRoPs encourage you to focus on the 14 most promising prospects that closely resemble your top clients. With ABLE CRM, you can monitor the progress of these relationships, employ targeted strategies and ultimately convert these high-potential prospects into valuable clients.

The Power of “Doing Small Well”

The CRoPs philosophy is built on the idea that focusing on a smaller number of critical relationships can drive greater growth and profitability for accounting firms. With ABLE’s innovative tools and features, you can invest your non-billable time wisely by nurturing your 36 CRoPs. This approach allows you to work more efficiently, make better use of your time and achieve significant results for your firm.

ABLE CRM is here to help you harness the power of CRoPs and transform your accounting firm’s growth and success. By focusing on your most valuable relationships, you can build a solid foundation for sustainable growth and become a trusted advisor to your clients, referral sources and prospects.

Embracing CRoPs with ABLE CRM

CRoPs is an innovative system that revolutionizes the way accounting firms manage their most important relationships. By embracing CRoPs with ABLE CRM, you can unlock the potential of your Clients, Referral Opportunities and Prospects, driving growth and success for your firm. Are you ready to harness the power of CRoPs and elevate your accounting firm to new heights? Get started with ABLE CRM today and experience the difference.