ABLE Helps Remote Teams Remain Accountable and Get More Done

A strong culture of accountability is important for teams that work in multiple office locations or remotely.


What is Accountability?

Accountability is the obligation to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Within the work environment, teams are comprised of professionals who are expected to fulfill their roles responsibly and practice honestly. But simply expecting your team to function accountably is not enough. You should have internal accountability practices in place regarding both business development and the completion of billable hours. Traditional accountability practices include:

  • Regular performance reviews
  • Time cards or other time tracking
  • Weekly team meetings

Accountability is made even more complex, however, when your team does not all work in the same location. Perhaps your firm has more than one office , or maybe some of your team members work remotely. In today’s age of technological disruption, situations such as this are becoming more commonplace. So the issue is often: How do you maintain a culture of accountability when your team is spread out?


What Happens When You Don’t Have Accountability Practices?

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “I trust my team. They don’t don’t need rules in order to remain accountable.” On the one hand, congratulations! It is great to work with a group of trustworthy and hardworking individuals. On the other hand, trust is not the only issue at hand when it comes to accountability. Check out this video to learn what happens when accountability is lacking:

Team members should be motivated to hold themselves accountable, even if a task isn’t solely their responsibility.


ABLE Supports a Culture of Accountability

Many CRM systems have built-in functionality that supports—or even drives—accountability. ABLE is no exception. Establishing a culture of accountability is one of ABLE’s primary goals. The accountability tools that ABLE offers include:

  • An open system that allows all of a firm’s users to see the current state of every users’ contacts.
  • A relationship-tracking system (CRoPs Tiles) that automatically keep track of the status of each users’ contact relationships.
  • A pipeline tool that tracks all of your firm’s business development activities.
  • A main user dashboard that offers several KPIs for both personal and firm-wide accountability.

To learn more about ABLE’s accountability tools and how they can benefit your firm, request a no-obligations demo today.