Strong Relationships = Accounting Practice Growth in 2019

Are you ready to achieve CPA practice growth in 2019?

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that you enjoyed your holiday season and have returned to work well rested and ready to pursue success in 2019. Today we want to talk about achieving CPA practice growth in the New Year, with a particular focus on methods for strengthening your key relationships.


Nurture Your Important Contacts

Regularly devoting time to keeping in touch with your key contacts is a slow process but has a big payoff. Your clients, prospects, and referral sources should hear from you regularly. It helps them feel valued and develop trust in you. In turn, they’re more likely to reach out to you when they require services or are asked for a recommendation.

Not sure when or how to stay in contact regularly? Here are some occasions and ideas:

1. Birthdays & Holidays

If you have time to get a card in the mail in advance of an important day, that’s great! If not, a quick phone call or emailed note on a contact’s birthday or on another occasion works. Consider adding your key contacts’ birthdays to your calendar to make remembering to reach out easier.

2. Important Milestones

Another great way to show your contacts you value them is to remember important events in their lives and your personal relationship. For example, consider making note of when a client signs on with you, then reach out to them yearly to celebrate your anniversary. Or, if a contact mentions an upcoming important life event such as a wedding, make note of it and congratulate them once the event has occurred.

3. Current Events

Showing your contacts that you’re paying attention to the things that matter to them is key in establishing trust. For example, if you serve nonprofit clients, consider subscribing to a nonprofit newsletter. When you run across a particularly pertinent article, email it out to your nonprofit contacts.

4. No reason at all!

You don’t always need a reason to reach out to an important contact. If you notice that it’s been a while since you last touched bases with a key relationship, simply reach out to them just because! Check in with them, ask how business is going, find out if there’s anything you can help them with—it’s that simple.


Achieve CPA Practice Growth in 2019

Perhaps you find yourself particularly daunted by this task because of the sheer number of contacts you have. Luckily, there are a number of methods for making relationship building easier, including:

Today is the best time to start building stronger contact relationships. If you’re ready to take your efforts to the next level, consider learning more about ABLE, the CRM for CPAs. Sign up for a no-obligations demo today to learn how ABLE can help you achieve CPA practice growth in 2019!