The Trick to Achieving a Higher Organic Growth Rate

When it comes to accounting firm growth, where does your firm stand?

Have you heard of the Rosenberg Survey? It’s a yearly national survey of CPA firms. Well known for its accuracy, thoroughness, and high participation rate, Accounting Today describes the Rosenberg Survey as “the industry’s barometer for CPA firm practice management.” In 2018, 360 firms participated in the survey. So what does this have to do with accounting firm growth? Something big.


What did survey results indicate about accounting firm growth?


The results of this year’s Rosenberg Survey indicate that accounting firms that use a customer relationship management system benefit from an organic growth rate that is 68.6% higher than firms that do not use a CRM. In accounting speak, that’s “material.” Here’s a closer look at these particular results:

Do you have a customer relationship management system?





Average IPP



ORGANIC Growth Rate




The survey included the following observation:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are starting to take hold in the accounting profession. This is our first year asking this question and we look forward to seeing how this information trends over the coming years. CRM is the convergence of two big trends in the accounting world: technology and growth.


But wait, there’s more…


Of the 360 firms that participated in this year’s survey, 33% indicated that they use a CRM system to manage their clients, prospects, and referral sources. Of those 106 firms, 27% use ABLE. Why is this? Check out our “ABLE is the Best CRM” series for an in-depth look at what makes ABLE the ideal CRM for CPAs.

So what are you waiting for? If your firm does not currently use a CRM system, now’s the time to get on board. If your firm does use a CRM, are you sure it’s the right one? Find out why ABLE has a 27% market share among accounting firms that use a CRM—schedule a demo today.