Be That Guy (or That Girl)

Evolving technology and automation practices have changed the face of how CPAs do business, and more shifts are coming. While it is comfortable to ignore the horizon, it is not advisable.

Artificial intelligence technology automates a firm’s core offerings, attestation and taxation services. Some experts claim that within five to ten years, the compliance role will be minimized as automation services and Blockchain technology continue to grow.

Awareness of the Client Engagement Life Cycle

In a recent AccountingWEB article, Jermaine Christie of Boomer Consulting mapped out the client engagement lifecycle and each stage’s most important touchpoints.

The four stages include awareness, consideration, decision-making and purchase, and post-purchase experience. He asserts that relationships are not built or solidified based on a predetermined sales funnel. Each step requires a certain level of engagement on the part of the practitioner to win and ultimately retain the business.

Remain Relevant

The idea of transitioning from strictly compliance-based service provider to an advisory or consulting role may be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

In order to remain relevant, it is important to maintain an open dialogue with clients. This practice keeps you at the front of your clients’ minds and allows you the opportunity to resolve their concerns. However, proactively cultivating meaningful relationships seems to take an exorbitant amount of time.

Transcend Yesterday’s CPA

This is where ABLE can positively impact your business development efforts. With ABLE, you can easily zero in on your most important client and prospect relationships and triage their statuses. Track every interaction you have with a client, be it large or small, within ABLE.

Additionally, ABLE offers tools to help you deliver personalized communication and meaningful content through the Thought Leadership module. Imagine the impact of sharing a must-read article with your most important clients. Send relevant emails and start a dialogue for additional engagements without the headache of imports, exports, and mail merges. This built-in functionality in ABLE positions you as the service provider your client needs and deserves.

ABLE can help you achieve your business development goals. Schedule a no-obligation demo today to see how you can be a rock star to your clients.