How the ABLE Team Embraces a Virtual Work Environment: Charles

Charles has found that there are a lot of benefits of working virtually. Scroll down to check out the features of his home workspace. Next, learn what he likes most about working from home and how he remains productive.


The Benefits of Working Virtually

In the spring of 2019, the ABLE team made the transition to working 100% remotely. In this series, we explore what our team has learned about the benefits of working virtually. We examine each team members’ workspace, then look at their favorite benefit of working from home. Each installment also offers a tip for staying productive in a remote work environment. Today you’ll hear from Charles Hylan, ABLE’s Senior Business Developer.


Charles’ Desk Essentials

Take a look at Charles’ home workspace, then scroll down for a description of his desktop essentials.

  1. Two monitors – “I like to have plenty of screen space, it allows me to work more efficiently. Two high-quality, flat screen monitors keeps me covered.”
  2. Coffee – “Coffee keeps me going throughout the day. Plus, I travel a lot. It definitely helps smooth the transition between traveling and being back in the office. I like to keep it in a high-quality insulated mug so it stays warm longer.”
  3. Printer – “For a lot of people, paper is rapidly becoming obsolete. But not for me. Seeing things in print, rather than on a screen, helps me to remember better and stay organized.”
  4. Good wireless – “A strong and consistent wireless internet connection is very important to me. It allows me to work when I want and where I want.”
  5. Plenty of floor space – “I like to see everything laid out in front of me. I’m lucky to have plenty of floor space that allows me to sort and store files.”


Tips for Working Remotely

What are the benefits of working virtually?

“There are so many benefits—where to begin? I love that I don’t have a commute or a dress code. Working from home makes it easier to integrate eating healthy and working out consistently into my life. It also allows for more time with my family. Lastly, working remotely forces me to be more communicative with certain team members, since I no longer see them in the office.”


What’s your favorite productivity tip for working from home?

“Start early and keep normal work hours. I generally aim for 7am to 6pm. Having set hours makes it easier on my family. They understand that during that time, I’m in the office and working. They do their best not to interrupt me while I’m working, which I appreciate.”

Charles also finds value in having an at-home office assistant. Meet Riley!

ABLE Fosters Accountability in Remote Teams

Is your firm considering allowing your team to work remotely? Or maybe you have already instituted a policy that lets your team to work from home—how’s that working out for you? Did you know that ABLE can help?

One of the pillars of ABLE is that it supports accountability within teams of accounting professionals. It does so both with teams working within an office space and with those working remotely. To find out more, schedule a free, no-obligations demo today!