4 Ways CPAs Can Say Thanks This Holiday Season

Strengthen your key relationships this holiday season by taking the time to say thanks to those around you. Here’s any easy check list to use to make sure you don’t miss anyone.


Who To Thank This Holiday Season


1. Thank Your Clients

This one’s obvious: be sure to say thanks to your clients. From large to small, try to thank every one of them. For your most important clients, consider saying thanks with a personal phone call, or even a gift. For other clients, a card will do.


2. Thank Your Referral Sources

Be sure to reach out to your referral sources, especially those who sent business your way in 2019. Strong relationships with referral sources are a key to growing your business, so make sure that you think of them during the holidays.


3. Thank Your Prospects

We recommend that you do this on a case-by-case basis. It might be odd to reach out to every single prospect in your pipeline. That said, if there are some prospects who you have a stronger relationships with, consider sending them some holiday well-wishes. Alternatively, if you’re already reaching out to them about something else, simply include a holiday greeting while you’re at it.


4. Thank Your Colleagues

It’s not just people outside of your firm that you should be thanking—make sure to recognize your colleagues as well. From your boss to your peers to the maintenance workers for your office—say thanks to them all. Making an effort to recognize the hard work that they put in over the last year is valuable.


ABLE Makes it Easy to Say Thanks

With ABLE, it’s easy to make sure that you connect with everyone that you should over the holidays. You can even use the system to send out a thank-you email that appears one-to-one. Make sure you also add a note into each contact’s record if you send a card or a gift.

If your firm does not currently use a CRM system, just be sure to make a thorough list of the people that you need to extend a thank you to this holiday season. Then consider scheduling an ABLE demo to find out how the CRM for CPAs can make your life easier this coming year.