Exciting ABLE Updates!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! It seems like only yesterday we were just starting out as the “CRoPs online dashboard.” A lot has changed since then, and there are even more exciting updates on the horizon.


ABLE 2.0 is Coming

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in order to implement ABLE 2.0, which includes big updates to our system, at the end of this year. When we launch, you can expect to see:

  • User interface updates that improve the overall user experience,
  • Core application architecture updates to improve performance and application responsiveness,
  • Security improvements,
  • A mobile responsive design,
  • An application programming interface (API) allowing ABLE to sync with other API-enabled programs, and
  • A revamped thought leadership module capable of operating as a mail client with your mail server settings.

Updates to the ABLE Pricing Model

As of July 1, 2018, we have rolled out an update to the ABLE pricing model. This means one of two things for you.


1. For those of you already using ABLE…

The price of your ABLE subscription will stay the same! We’re thankful that you’ve been with us from the beginning and we want to reward you for being early adopters.


2. For those of you who haven’t committed to ABLE yet…

Don’t worry, ABLE is still priced in a way that helps your accounting firm generate a real return on your investment! Here’s a quick overview of our new pricing structure:


New ABLE pricing structure.

*Our basic setup includes everything you need to launch ABLE with your team, including Customized Implementation and Rollout Strategy, Contact and Company Import, System Configurations/Customization, CRoPs Tile Setup, E-Mail Signature Setup, Admin Training, User Training (virtual), Facilitated ABLE Accountability Session


For more information, including additional options for customizing your ABLE implementation, visit our ABLE Pricing page.


Learn more about ABLE

ABLE isn’t the only customer relationship management system out there, but we’re convinced that our system is the best CRM for accountants. To learn more, check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” blog series, or view our full CRM comparison chart.

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