Achieve Firm Growth in Just 15-30 Minutes Per Week

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong—with as little as 15 minutes of use each week, ABLE can help you achieve firm growth! We’ve streamlined the contact relationship management process in order to make business development a snap. Read on to learn how just 15-30 minutes of ABLE use each week is sufficient to reach your relationship management goals!


How to Use ABLE


ABLE is an adaptive and flexible CRM for CPAs. Throughout the course of your subscription, you’ll develop a method or routine that works best for you, personally. Making the most out of your weekly 15-30 minutes isn’t difficult, but it’s good to have a plan in mind. As a starting point, take a look at the following sample strategy:

1. Start with your pipeline

First, check in to see if any of your deals require updating. Take the necessary actions to get your pipeline into shape.

  • Pro tip: Opening your deal in a new tab makes getting back to your pipeline quick and easy! Simply right click on a deal and select “open in a new tab.”

2. Update your tasks

Next, take care of any tasks that are due and schedule any necessary follow-ups.

  • Pro tip: When you schedule follow-up activities, choose due dates that fall on the same day every week, and make that the day you plan to log on for your 15-30 minutes. 


3. Assign any emailed notes

If you’re an emailed notes user (which we highly recommend!), it’s likely that you’ll have accumulated a number of notes throughout the previous week. Assign notes to the proper contact and be sure to update your dashboards, when appropriate.


4. Schedule major interactions

After you’re done assigning your emailed notes, check out your CRoPs tiles. Keep your tiles up-to-date by staying current with your major activities.

  • Pro tip: To avoid having all of your tiles change color at one time, schedule your major interactions in waves.


5. Send out some Thought Leadership

As you’re wrapping up your weekly time in ABLE, consider swinging by the Content Library and choosing a relevant article to share with one or more of your contacts. Without even leaving ABLE, you can quickly find a piece to share, customize your message, and send a one-to-many email that appears to be one-to-one from the receiver’s end.

  • Pro tip: Be on the lookout for specially tailored Thought Leaderships Email Templates that ABLE will be making available to all users in the near future!


Perhaps this method will work perfectly for you! That’s great! More likely, you’ll end up tweaking it along the way—or maybe even come up with an ABLE routine all your own. Either way, in just 15-30 minutes each week, ABLE helps you grow and maintain your client relationships, stay organized, and position yourself as a valued advisor to your clients.


Achieve Firm Growth with ABLE


As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your ABLE usage. If you are an ABLE subscriber, be on the lookout for our regularly scheduled seminars and refreshers.


Have you been searching for the right customer relationship management system for your accounting firm? Look no further! Let ABLE work both with you and for you to help you achieve firm growth! To learn more, schedule a demo today!