Five Tips for Gaining New Accounting Clients in 2018

Actively seeking new accounting clients for your CPA firm is an important step in achieving growth. However, as a busy accounting professional, you don’t have lot of free time to devote to this. Consider the following tips for efficiently seeking new accounting clients.


Tips for Gaining New Accounting Clients


1. Know Your Target Client

In order to gain new accounting clients, you must know who you’re looking for. Do you want more clients of a particular size, niche, or structure? Identifying exactly what it is you’re looking for in an ideal client is an important first step. Once you’ve determined what your ideal client looks like, you can begin to develop focused and effective marketing efforts.


2. Ask for Referrals

Being proactive in your search for new clients is key. Referral sources come in a number of shapes and sizes. Consider seeking referrals from the following:

  • Clients with whom you have a good relationship. Some firms even offer discounts or benefits in exchange for client referrals.
  • Business alliances. Consider partnering for referrals with other businesses that also serve your ideal client, such as law firms or investment advisors.
  • Other accounting firms. If you and another firm serve different, non-competitive niches, a referral arrangement can be a mutually beneficial relationship. When they encounter a client best served by your firm’s niche group, they refer them to you, and vice versa.


3. Network with Focus

Put your business out there! Find conferences, business networking events, and trade shows at which you can expect to encounter your ideal client. If possible, attain a list of attendees beforehand so you can strategize about who you most want to connect with.

Online networking via LinkedIn, Facebook, and other groups is also a valuable tool. Use these platforms to get your firm name out there and pursue your ideal clients.

Networking opportunities abound for those who are involved in their local community. Encourage firm members to participate in community projects and events, become members at athletic clubs, and join boards of directors of local organizations. This positions your firm to develop valuable connections with both prospective clients and good referral sources.


4. Don’t Disregard Cold Calling

Though many people consider cold calling to be a dated technique, it is still an effective one. Develop a list of your ideal prospects and study up on them to develop insight prior to your interaction. Employing a specialist salesperson to carry out your cold calling can be very cost effective.


5. Raise Your Firm’s Profile

Get your name out there! Name recognition can help you bring in more accounting clients. There are a wide variety of good methods for raising your firm’s profile in the local community. Consider trying out one or more of the following:

  • Website Testimonials – Ask clients with whom you have a good relationship to give a testimonial about your firm. Prospective clients find it compelling to hear about your firm from others who have engaged your services. Check out this article for some in-depth information on why, and how, to use website testimonials.
  • Speaking Engagements and Seminars – Participating in educational opportunities such as these can help to raise your firm profile. It’s also a great way to network for prospective clients and build relationships with referral sources.
  • Community Sponsorships – Build goodwill with both your local community and prospective clients via sponsorships.
  • Social Media, Blogs, and Content Marketing – Position yourself as a thought leader in your field by consistently sharing compelling content with your followers and relationships. You will develop a reputation as a trusted business advisor.


How a CRM for CPAs Can Help You Gain New Accounting Clients

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