Meet the ABLE Team – Emily Galik

Emily Galik is ABLE’s Administrative Assistant. She works hard behind the scenes to support all of her ABLE teammates.


About Emily Galik


The newest member of the team, Emily joined ABLE in March of 2019. As ABLE’s administrative assistant, she is a jack-of-all-trades, fulfilling a wide variety of responsibilities. Some of her duties include gathering reports, assisting with onboarding new clients, and compiling training and lead generation campaign materials.

A graduate of Missouri State University, Emily earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. Her previous experience includes two summers spent as a Corporate Communications Intern with Ameren.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Emily grew up in nearby O’Fallon and continues to live there to this day. She is a big baseball fan, so St. Louis is the perfect place for her. She loves provel cheese and seeing “St. Louis Bread Company” rather than “Panera” around town. Emily and her fiancé, Zach, are currently planning their wedding and are both very much looking forward to October, 2020!


Learn More About Emily

Check out some fun facts about Emily:

  • Emily’s family has put on a Christmas light show every year since 2006. It involves thousands of lights synchronized to music! Check out their Facebook page, O’Fallon Lights, to learn more.
  • Photography is Emily’s favorite hobby. She loves to take pictures of nature, people, animals, and more!
  • Emily’s very first job was working as a server at an assisted living home.

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