Major & Minor Interactions Explained

In order to facilitate relationship building, ABLE, the CPA CRM, breaks down contact interactions into two categories. ABLE users are encouraged to have a certain number of both “major” and “minor” interactions with each key contact within a certain timeframe. Keep reading to learn more about these two categories of interaction.


Major Interactions

Watch this video to learn about major interactions. Or, if you prefer to read, check out the text below.



What Are Major Interactions?

A major interaction is contact with a client, referral, or prospect that goes above ordinary interaction. For a client, you can think of this as an action that is beyond the scope of your paid service. Generally, major interactions occur face-to-face. Their purpose is to deepen a relationship in a significant way. Examples include treating a contact to dinner or a sporting event, or sending a thoughtful birthday present. When it comes to major interactions, keep this in mind: your goal is to develop a deeper professional intimacy. Creating this type of relationship is a key factor in pivoting your practice from compliance to advisory services.


How to Prepare for Major Interactions

It’s a good idea to pre-script some questions or topics in order to guide your interaction. Having some material in mind will help you get the conversation started and avoid awkward moments. Try to avoid dominating the conversation. Instead, aim to speak for about 30% of the interaction and let your contact fill in the rest of the time. By doing so, you’ll learn more about your contact.


Minor Interactions

Watch this video to learn about minor interactions. Or, if you prefer to read, check out the text below.



What are Minor Interactions?

The term “minor interaction” covers a broad variety of niceties shared with your contacts. These can include sending a card, leaving a congratulatory voicemail, or sharing a piece of thought leadership. Relative to major interactions, these are smaller events. However, over time, these small communications serve to help you develop strong bonds with your contacts. We recommend that you have a minor interaction with each key contact at least every 45 days.


How to Make the Most Out Of Minor Interactions

You should use minor interactions as way to build your personal brand, establish yourself as a thought leader, and develop closer professional relationships over time. For example, when it comes to sharing thought leadership, your goal is to deliver the right piece of content to the right contact at the right time. A great feature of ABLE is the ability to send a one-to-many email that looks like a one-to-one email. Your contacts will be impressed that you are paying attention to their industry. They will be thrilled that you singled them out (or so it will appear) for communication on the topic.


Use ABLE, the CPA CRM, to Grow Your Practice

Major and minor interactions are just one of the tools that ABLE offers to its users. Our goal is to help you strengthen relationships and grow your practice with a minimal time commitment. Ready to learn more? Sign up for a no-obligations demo today!