See You at the AAM Summit 2018!

We’re excited to share that members of the ABLE team will be attending the 2018 AAM Summit in Portland, Oregon this week!


What is the AAM?

The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) has been a source of education, community, and resources for the accounting industry since 1989. The organization’s stated mission is

“to promote excellence and elevate the professional stature of marketing, business development, and other practice growth professionals at all career levels directly impacting members’ professional development and careers through education, networking, and thought leadership to grow both people and accounting practices.”


Since 2002, AAM has hosted—or partnered in hosting—an annual summit gathering where attendees can network, learn from their industry peers, and be inspired. The theme of this year’s 16th annual summit is “Think Fresh!” The goals of the 2018 AAM Summit, as stated on their website, are as follows:

Break the Mold: To create a conference that challenges previous formats, content, and perceived barriers to create the most valuable experience for our attendees.

Connection: To create opportunities for like-minded individuals to collaborate and connect at many points during the conference in innovative ways.

Cutting-Edge Education: To bring in unparalleled speakers with unique presentation formats to deliver fresh content with actionable takeaways.


The Think Fresh! 2018 AAM Summit will take place in Portland, Oregon from May 14-17, 2018. For more information on the AAM and the organization’s annual conference, visit


ABLE at the AAM Summit 2018

ABLE is pleased to support the AAM as an Executive Sponsor of this year’s conference. Be sure to stop by our booth to meet our representatives and learn more about ABLE, our CRM for CPAs!

“I’m excited for the opportunity to attend this year’s AAM Summit,” said Lindy Spurgeon-Graves, Director of Implementation & Strategy for ABLE. “This conference offers invaluable opportunities for both networking and continued education within the accounting marketing field.”

Here are the ABLE team members who will be attending the summit:

AAM Summit Attendees


In addition to ABLE’s participation as an Executive Sponsor of the AAM Summit, ABLE CEO Jeff Pawlow will be hosting a session titled “Navigating Firm Change” on Tuesday, May 15 at 10:15 AM.

“As the accounting industry experiences a critical shift in roles from simple compliance to expert consulting, marketers and business developers play a key role in helping their firms navigate the disruption,” explains Pawlow. “During this session we will discuss the challenges this disruption presents, methods for maintaining firm focus, and strategies for aligning your firm for its ultimate success.”

We look forward to meeting you at this year’s Think Fresh! 2018 AAM Summit!


Are you unable to attend the summit but still want to learn more about ABLE, the CRM for accountants? Schedule a demo today!