The Value of Feedback

We frequently engage with ABLE users to ensure their satisfaction with the product experience. This is great when things are going well. But dealing with customers that are not particularly happy can be frustrating. That is true in any business. We don’t like hearing where we are missing the mark on client expectations.

At the end of the day, however, feedback is exactly what we need. How can we truly measure the success of the customer experience if we don’t ask our customers what they think? How do we learn what feature enhancements are of the greatest importance if we don’t ask? And how do we identify our customer’s pitfalls in nurturing the most important relationships if we don’t engage in conversation? Essentially, feedback is just another word for effective listening.

A Real-Life Example

Recently, I spoke with one of our customers who was experiencing some frustration with our service. I spent about an hour on the phone with her. I mainly listened, but I also walked her through ABLE and clarified with her some resolutions. By the end of the call she had a better understanding of how to use the system to her benefit. Additionally, she gave me ideas for new features we could potentially develop to enhance the system universally.

The Importance of Learning

We expect our children to learn as they grow up. Accountants are required to continue their education to keep their CPA license. That said, we tend to shy away from learning opportunities that present themselves in the form of uncomfortable conversations. While no one enjoys discomfort, it is that experience that forces us to see things from a different perspective, likely resulting in an “ah-ha” moment. Constructive feedback helps us grow and better ourselves and our business.

How are you soliciting feedback from your clients in order to improve your practice?

To see how ABLE can help you garner feedback from your top clients, contact us to schedule a demo.