Personal Marketing Platform

Marketing for accountants means positioning yourself as a trusted business advisor is a major component of your success. Establishing your personal brand is just as important as your firm’s brand.

You want your most important contacts, those who are driving the majority of your business, to recognize you as an expert and one of their most valuable partners.

Establish Your Brand

In this article from Entrepreneur, Jonathan Long, the founder of Market Domination Media, recommends eight tips for establishing your personal brand. Most notable include establishing two-way networking, maintaining a detailed database of contacts, and becoming a reliable source of breaking news and relevant information.

Two-way networking means the other person has an equal opportunity to benefit from the relationship. Show that person you understand their needs instead of constantly pushing services.

Maintaining a detailed database of contacts involves tracking more than names, email addresses and birthdays. Some of the important details to note of include: who referred you to the relationship, the potential for future opportunities, and any major pain points you can help with.

Becoming a reliable source for news and information means providing your contacts with relevant advice and guidance. You do not need to develop the information, just know where to find it.

The idea of developing a personal marketing plan can seem daunting, especially when these skills do not necessarily come naturally. However, with the right tools, you can easily develop a plan, impress your most important contacts, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Using ABLE for Your Personal Marketing Plan

ABLE’s contact relationship management (CRM) tools allow you to keep notes on your most valued relationships. You can add notes, tasks, tags, deals, and survey results with just a few clicks. If any of these activities involve other team members, you can tag them in the note or task so they are in the know. The tags in ABLE are customizable so you can slice and dice your data in any way you see fit.

ABLE’s Thought Leadership positions you as a source of information and expertise for your contacts. By sending personalized and relevant communications, your contacts will see you as a resource to solve current and future matters.

ABLE is built to support marketing for accountants and supplement your personal branding plan. The functionality will move your firm forward without insisting on a large investment of time.

By using ABLE for 15-30 minutes per week, you can launch your business development and personal marketing efforts forward.

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