ABLE’s Year in Review

2019 in Review

Here at ABLE, we had a great 2019—we hope that you did, too! As the year draws to a close, we hope you’ll join us on a quick walk down memory lane. Read on to discover ABLE’s 2019 in review.

1. By the Numbers

  • Number of firms using ABLE: 140
  • Number of ABLE users: 2,330
  • Number of contacts who received though leadership*: 21,483
  • Pieces of thought leadership shard*: 4,079

2. Awards and Recognitions

The Top 100 Most Influential People of 2019

Charles Hylan, ABLE’s senior business developer, was named to Accounting Today’s list, “The Top 100 Most Influential People of 2019.”

“The data-based insights that arise from Hylan’s annual Rosenberg Survey are a critical set of benchmarks for accountants across the country and throughout the year, but that’s not the only source of his influence. His group consults with over 500 firms a year on a range of issues, and he himself is a regular speaker at retreats, meetings, and conferences.”

The Most Promising CRM Solution Providers of 2019

ABLE was recognized by CIOReview magazine as one of the most promising CRM solution providers of 2019:

“‘The genesis of ABLE was us building something for ourselves that would actually get used,’ says Pawlow. ‘We knew immediately that we were on to something when adoption soared and the handful of existing clients we showed our system to were immediately intrigued.'”


3. Article Features

Accounting Today

Software Survey: Building Strong Client Relationships – “ABLE’s [Jeff] Pawlow sees CRM serving as one foundation to extending a firm’s influence and expanding services. ‘I see accounting CRMs functioning as the hub of a CPA’s advisory suite of services. Accounting professionals may be fielding services through a variety of sources — their firm, their associations, their referral network — but all of their efforts will be centralized in their CRM. As cross-platform integrations become more and more available and advanced, the importance of the CRM hub will only grow. That being said, we need to anticipate and account for that expanding role today in order to accommodate it in the near future.’”

Association for Accounting Marketing

Set Your Firm Up for CRM Success – “When asked about keys to success for firms adopting a CRM, Jeff Pawlow, CEO and Managing Member of The Growth Partnership and the CRM ABLE shared, ‘Adoption has very little to do with the software you ultimately select and everything to do with the culture of accountability within your firm. Intellectually, most practitioners understand the benefits a CRM system can provide, but lack the discipline to adopt new habits around using the system. As we work with firms to adopt ABLE, we see the greatest success when internal champions are leading the way, and adoption is in some way tied to each individual’s performance measurement. A great example of this discipline can be found at BMSS where they have created a culture of engagement around ABLE.'”

CRM: What Does That Even Mean? – “ABLE was created specifically for accountants. Using the CRoPs method, users can keep track of their most important relationships, categorized by clients, referrals, and opportunities. ABLE also includes access to a pipeline and NPS survey features, thought leadership segmented by industry, and DISC profiling.”

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