ABLE Success Story: BMSS (Part 1)

For the next three weeks, we’re going to spend some time showcasing an ABLE user firm, BMSS Advisors & CPAs. BMSS has been a valuable ABLE client since the beginning, and the ways that they’ve incorporated the CRM and business development program into their firm culture are quite impressive. They’ve discovered the key’s to unlocking ABLE success.


About BMSS

Since 1991, BMSS has provided exemplary advisory and accounting services to business and individuals throughout Alabama. Over the course of three decades, BMSS has evolved into one of the top three accounting firms in Alabama, boasting 30 partners, 88 CPAS, and more than 200 staff members across all locations. The firm is regularly listed as one of the top places to work by the Birmingham Business Journal.


BMSS’ ABLE Success: Grow ‘N’ Go Program

From the outset, BMSS realized that ABLE presented a fantastic opportunity for their firm. “Once I got in there and played with it, I realized that, ‘Wow, this could really be a great tool for us!’” said John Shank, CPA, CGMA, founding member of BMSS. John worked with the firm’s marketing director to develop a program to incentivize ABLE usage. They call it their “Grow ‘n’ Go” program.

How does Grow ‘n’ Go work? It’s based on a point system that allows firm members to accrue points for performing various activities. “The point system is set up so that when you do a networking event, attend a mixer, do some type of training, or share a thought leadership article, you earn a point,” said Jaclyn Collins, CPA, senior manager. The points are displayed publicly in each office, and hitting certain points goals results in fun prizes. “I think most of our employees have a spirit of competition,” explained Keith Barfield, CPA, CITP, founding member. “They want to see their name on the television screen when they walk down the hall. They want to be in the top three of the leaderboard.”

As part of the Grow ‘n’ Go program, BMSS incorporated ABLE into their monthly pipeline meetings. “The monthly meetings are basically just a review of the Grow ‘n’ Go points to see who is meeting their goals,” explains Collins. The firm even developed a special tagline for the meetings: “If it isn’t in ABLE, it doesn’t exist.”

“So that’s really what the program is designed to do. It helps you get more face-to-face contact with your clients and build and deepen those important relationships.”


Interested in Learning More About BMSS’ Success Story?

Check out this video for all of the details:

BMSS found great success with their ABLE gamification program—is this something that could work at your firm? Reach out to us today to schedule a demo. We’ll show you how you can find as much success with ABLE at your firm as BMSS!