3 Tips to Keep Your Firm Top of Mind During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, it is important to show your clients that you are there for them.  The way you communicate now will have an impact on your business later. There are a few ways you can go above and beyond to offer more than your traditional compliance related services.

1. Send Relevant Information

It is important to personalize information and build rapport with your clients, while positioning yourself as a thought leader. ABLE offers email templates and resources to send factual, timely information to clients. Using ABLE’s Thought Leadership feature, you can send relevant articles from the Content Library, or choose your own to nurture your contact relationships. Once you find an article to send and customize a message, you can send what looks like a personal one-to-one email to as many contacts as you’d like, with just a click of a button. ABLE’s Content Library is updated weekly with the latest industry news for your clients. Sharing and sending relevant content with your clients is one of the best strategies to keep your firm top of mind. 

2. Be a Trusted Advisor

If you haven’t already, now is the time to transition from compliance to advisory at your firm. Assist your clients with their Paycheck Protection Program applications. If your clients have not yet applied for their PPP Loan, urge them to do this as soon as possible. Let each client know you are there to simplify and streamline the process. As your client’s agent, you can potentially be paid by the lender assisting with this process. Learn more in the U.S. Department of Treasury’s resource for small businesses. 

3. Communicate Efficiently and Effectively

It is important to be open and transparent with your clients. Ask about their tax deadline plan since the April 15th extension, or how does this affect their short or long-term goals? Try sending a quick touch-base email, or schedule a phone call to see how things are going. During this crazy time, your clients will have many questions. It is vital to be available to answer their questions and concerns.

Using ABLE to Provide Exceptional Client Service

Offering the best in client service is no easy task. It takes hard work, organization, and focus. Luckily, ABLE, the CRM for CPAs, can make the task easier. To learn how, schedule a no-obligations demo today.