Why ABLE is the best CRM Choice for CPAs

CPAs and CRM: What are the challenges?

As a CPA, integrating a CRM into your firm can be intimidating. No one likes to change their habits and work culture, which ultimately disrupts daily flow. We understand that getting adjusted to change is not an easy process. ABLE, the CRM for accounting firms, will elevate your firm and support your journey to confidently implement a CRM.

An article on Accounting Today explains why CPAs struggle to adapt CRM systems, and one major reason is firm culture. Many people think that CPAs are stuck in their ways and the thought of introducing a new system is far out of reach. It’s easy to think that your firm is not ready for a CRM, but think again. ABLE provides its users with the tools and resources necessary to make a smooth transition for everyone in your firm.

Read on to learn what makes ABLE the best CRM solution for CPAs.


Holding team members accountable is a key factor for success in your firm. ABLE provides a transparent and accountable system that helps drive results forward. The design of ABLE’s open system is to encourage communication, so you can ensure your most important contacts and deals stay top of mind.

Pipeline and Relationship Management

It is necessary to execute a streamlined process to track your firm’s pipeline. Compared to an Excel spreadsheet, ABLE can have multiple team members update the pipeline simultaneously. The dynamic nature of ABLE enables users to stay up to date on the hottest prospects so you can close more deals faster. With ABLE’s Pipeline, you can filter and sort the pipeline in numerous ways that best fit your firm’s needs.

Similarly, ABLE has a tile system with dashboards, the My 36 CRoPs Dashboard, to track relationships with your most important clients, referrals, and prospects. From here, you can see the needs of each contact on your dashboard and nurture them to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Becoming a Thought Leader

As CPAs move towards advisory roles, it is important to build rapport and nurture your relationships. To do this, ABLE offers an easy solution — Thought Leadership. Team members can send relevant content to contacts by using ABLE’s regularly updated Content Library, or using their own article. This is a great tool to show your contacts that you want to build a relationship with them outside of tax season to maintain a strong connection.


Are you ready to transition from a tax-season practitioner to a year-round accounting advisor? Let ABLE take your firm to the next level—it is the best CRM for CPAs. Schedule a demo today to learn more.