3 Ways to Build Your Brand and Stand Out To Clients

Do these thoughts run through your head? – “I already have a good client base. Why is building my brand so important?” We’re glad you asked! 

Building your personal and company brand will help your firm stand out amongst competitors. Chances are, if you have certain top prospects in mind, your competition does too. Forming a solid brand takes time, but if done properly, can help clients and potential clients recognize your business and what you stand for. Here are 3 ways you can improve your personal and company brand:


1. Identify what makes you unique

What makes you stand out to clients? What makes your firm stand out from the rest? Maybe you personalize your communication with each client by sending a handwritten note, or your prices are competitive in the profession. Whatever makes your firm and yourself unique will help build your brand. 

Once you identify some characteristics that are special to your firm, think about focusing on a certain niche. Does your firm work with many nonprofit corporations? Drive your efforts around this niche to build your brand and dig deep into your clients’ industry.

2. Connect with contacts

In today’s digital age, finding new ways to communicate with clients is challenging, yet many options exist. Your clients are most likely on different social media platforms, as well as browsing the internet. This is a place where your branding efforts can flourish!

On your personal social media accounts, comment on client’s posts or send them a quick message. A little time and effort can go a long way. Use social media to reach out to clients and prospects in a relaxed manner instead of sending a formal email.


3. Share relevant content and information

News spreads fast – It’s important to show your clients that you care about their industry and business. Stay on top of the latest information to position yourself as an industry expert and trusted advisor for your clients. 

ABLE has a tool that can expand your personal and company brand with just a few clicks of your mouse. With the Thought Leadership feature, you can send industry specific news to your most important contacts. Use the Content Library to search for articles, or find your own. Send a personalized email from ABLE, from your own domain to multiple contacts at once. Building your personal and company brand should not be hard, find features that work for you and your firm.


How ABLE can help

Congrats – You took the first step to building your brand! Ready to dive deep and improve your firm’s business development? ABLE Can help! Schedule a time to talk with an ABLE professional to get your questions answered and see what ABLE has to offer.