Introducing Thought Leadership Analytics


New feature alert!

Sending the right information at the right time is key. Building your brand takes time, and ABLE’s Thought Leadership feature helps you accomplish just this! The Thought Leadership Feature allows you to send relevant information through a personalized email to several clients in just a few clicks. To learn more about Thought Leadership and the Content Library, click here

With the new Thought Leadership Analytics feature, you can monitor your results quickly and easily. Actively track the open and click rate on the Thought Leadership emails you send to your most important contacts. We guarantee that the results you see on Thought Leadership Analytics will be better compared to sending a generic e-newsletter. Instantly see your results and how that effects your business sales.


Thought Leadership Analytics shows the open and click rates of Thought Leadership emails sent on ABLE. You can also view which emails were delivered.


Check out the highlights of Thought Leadership Analytics below:

  • See what emails were delivered
  • Track the percentage of emails opened
  • Monitor the click rate of emails opened
  • View which contacts received a Thought Leadership email
  • See what time Thought Leadership emails arrived to contacts

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