Becoming a Thought Leader: How You Can Build Your Brand By Using Thought Leadership

Do your clients only reach out to you during tax season? Are you looking for a way to nurture your client relationships consistently and effectively? If you answered yes to either of these questions, becoming a thought leader will benefit your business and clients.

Why become a Thought Leader?

As the switch from compliance to advisory services continues, accounting professionals need to position themselves and their firm as thought leaders. Becoming that valued trusted advisor for your clients means better client retention. Additional services can lead to the ability to charge a higher fee. When you provide your clients with advice they trust and position yourself as an expert in their industry, they are willing to pay higher premiums in exchange for your superior service.

Building your brand

Think beyond a company logo or website – Your brand is also determined by the value your clients feel they are getting by using your services. How your clients perceive you builds into your company’s overall brand and reputation. What is your company known for? How are you setting client expectations? Both of these things play a role in your brand.

Creating your brand is not just important for your clients, but for accounting professionals as individuals. Establish what you want your clients to think of when they see your name pop up on an email or call. Set a precedent for yourself and others to follow, and ask your colleagues what they are doing to stand out to clients. Something as simple as a personalized email reaching out can go a long way.

How to use Thought Leadership

With ABLE’s Thought Leadership tool, you can build your brand and position yourself as a thought leader with just a few clicks! Use the regularly updated content library to find industry specific articles pertaining to your client, or use your own link. ABLE will craft a personalized email to send to your clients with the article included. Want to send an article to multiple clients? No problem – ABLE will personalize the name field in the email for each contact you select. Show your clients that you are a thought leader and understand their business by sending relevant articles and news in their industry. Build rapport with clients and watch your business skyrocket!

Become a Thought Leader with the help of ABLE

When it comes to establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and valued thought leader, ABLE is the best CRM for accountants. Need more convincing? Check out our “Why ABLE is the Best CRM Choice for CPAs” blog post, or take a look at this CRM comparison chart.

Are you ready to transition from a tax-season practitioner to a year-round accounting advisor? Let ABLE take your firm to the next level. Schedule a free demo today to learn more!