Helping Your Team to Adopt New Technology Solutions

Take a deeper dive into the complexities of accounting CRM adoption.

At any firm, it can be a struggle to get team members on board with new technology. Today we want to offer some of ABLE’s best practices and suggestions for getting your team engaged with new solutions. We’ll use our own system as an example, but the ideas presented here are applicable to a variety of accounting CRM adoption scenarios.


The “Why” Behind Accounting CRM Adoption

If the members of your team see their accounting CRM simply as a place to keep track of their contacts, they won’t use it. You need to take the time to explain your reasons for implementing it in detail. These should include:

  • What the system is for
  • How using the CRM can benefit both your firm as a whole and each team member individually
  • What the process and requirements of implementation will look like


The “How” Behind Accounting CRM Implementation


Tips for Starting Off

Once the new system is implemented, you must explain that this is now how the firm tracks its business. Consider asking your firm’s managing partner to make the announcement. It’s probable that the message will carry more weight coming from her or him. Additionally, make sure your team completes all required trainings and have them bookmark ABLE on their toolbars. This serves as a visual reminder to log in regularly.


Pipeline Meetings

When holding your pipeline meetings, pull ABLE up on the screen, or on everyone’s laptop, and discuss any new or changed items in the pipeline. Emphasize the fact that only items entered into the CRM can be discussed. You can also talk about what team members have been doing to move items forward. Consider highlighting those team members who are excelling at using the CRM. If appropriate, you might even call out those who are not demonstrating commitment.


Incentive Program

Some firms have developed internal incentive programs for using ABLE. Each activity that a user records scores them a certain number of points. At the end of each month, points are totaled. You can award small monthly prizes or one big prize at the end of a longer time period. This motivates users to get into the CRM and record activity. Feel free to reach out to us if you want more details on how to implement this type of program at your firm.


Group CRM Time

Consider blocking off 30 to 60 minutes in a conference room to have everyone gather and work in ABLE. You can use this time to review features or discuss ABLE best practices. If you sense that your team is having large issues with using the program, consider scheduling more in-depth training. ABLE offers users access to pre-recorded training sessions—simply put it up on screen and walk through it together. Alternatively, you can reach out to schedule a 1-2 hour training session with a live ABLE support member.


Achieving Full Accounting CRM Adoption

Implementing one of these practices might just be the nudge your team needs to achieve full commitment. We hope that these tips help set you on the right path to growth. For more details, check out this video:



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