Be AccountABLE

Being accountable is feeling the obligation to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Internal accountability practices should be in place regarding both business development and the completion of billable hours. Overall, teams are comprised of professionals who are expected to fulfill their roles responsibly and practice honestly.

There are several methods to ensure your team remains accountable, from performance reviews to time cards. However, some methods can be tedious, have a negative connotation, or be time consuming.

With an accountability system in place, your firm’s growth potential increases significantly. This article in Entrepreneur cites a case study in which a woman found an accountability partner and quadrupled her income within a year.

Be AccountABLE

Many Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems have built-in functionality that supports helping employees be accountable. Some tools can even help drive accountability.

ABLE is an open system, so all users within your firm can see the current state of their colleagues’ CRoPs Tiles (their top 36 Client, Referral opportunity, and Prospect relationships).

In addition to the health of your CRoPs Tiles, track the status of all new business development through the Pipeline. Users can assess the probability of close, the timeframe, and most recent activities. The Pipeline dashboard can also serve as the center of your business development meetings.

ABLE’s main user dashboard provides several key performance indicators (KPIs) for your personal accountability and the accountability of your firm. This dashboard features the status of your Pipeline, aggregated views of your growth and nurture dashboards, your Net Promoter Score®, and more.

To learn more about ABLE’s accountability tools and how they can benefit your firm, request a no-obligation demo.