Loyal or Just Satisfied: Leveraging NPS®

Surveys are beneficial to a business for a number of reasons like gauging the success of a project, initiative, or event. The results indicate which initiatives to repeat and which to discontinue.

Generally speaking, the individuals that are most likely to complete a survey are those who are at the polar ends of the satisfaction spectrum. Both sides are more than happy to discuss their experiences with others, for better or for worse. These two groups of people are important outliers to monitor, solicit for feedback, and engage.

By surveying stakeholders and maintaining regular communications with them, you can assess the status of business relationships and handle the unhappy clients immediately, before their pain intensifies.

Additionally, use positive surveys to promote your firm to future clients. If you can show that your clients are happy with your services, new clients may have more confidence in choosing to engage with you.

Use surveys for benchmarking. This ensures your positive feedback metrics stay high and your constructive feedback metrics improve.

Leveraging the Net Promoter Score®

One of the most renowned surveys on the market today is the Net Promoter Score®. Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures customer experience. It also predicts business growth using one question: How likely is it that your client would recommend you and your services? This metric has impacted the business world and provides the core measurement for many customer experience management programs.

With ABLE, you can leverage the built-in NPS® functionality to assess your clients’ satisfaction. You can benchmark and monitor your own progress and the temperature of the client relationship. Leverage this data in proposals for new engagements.

The functionality is intuitive and, best of all, included in your annual subscription fee.

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