Build Your Pipeline

New business development is the lifeblood of successful firms. A steady stream of quality leads and new clients will keep your firm moving forward.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your team closes their deals. Accountability is essential. According to a 2015 sales survey report, 45 percent of deals are not closed across the sales spectrum. While this includes all types of sales, the number one reason respondents gave was the “inability to provide insight into a buyer, adding value and starting relevant conversations.” In other words, failing to convey value and focusing only on core services. Respondents provided a variety of other reasons, many of which better communication would solve.

Several team members may work on a deal together, and have several deals in process concurrently. Managing so many moving pieces can present a challenge, particularly when you consider maintaining open lines of communication.

As a professional with limited time, ensure you are pursing the right leads and staying on top of your communication.

With ABLE, you always know the state of your Prospect relationships and Pipeline. There are two major tools to help you.

Prospect CRoPs Tiles

The 14 Prospect Tiles belong to your most coveted leads–the prospective engagements that will bring the greatest value to your firm. The major and minor interaction dashboards help you stay on target in showcasing your relevance and value.


The Pipeline dashboard tracks all pending deals for your firm, their status, likelihood to close, latest activities, and much more. This level of accountability and transparency provides a baseline for team discussions regarding pending opportunities. Read this blog on how we leverage the Pipeline dashboard in our own meetings.

To learn more about ABLE’s accountability tools and how they can benefit your firm, request a no-obligation demo.