Business Development via CRMs for CPAs

Actively pursuing business development opportunities is key to maintaining the health of your accounting firm. However, as an accounting professional, you prefer to focus your time on billable hours and delivering services to your clients. You need to find a way to balance your time effectively between these activities.


CRM Tools for Business Development

Many accounting firms choose to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRMs for CPAs offer a wide variety of tools to boost your business development efforts.


Sales Pipeline

To monitor your business development efforts, CRMs for accountants generally offer a sales pipeline tool. This tool helps you track your sales opportunities, measure referral activity, and manage team accountability. The best CRMs for accountants offer real-time metrics and the ability to sort and view your sales pipeline by a variety of criteria.


Client Surveys

Without a good idea of what your customers want and need, your business development efforts will likely fall flat. A good client relationship management system offers a way to measure client satisfaction. For example, ABLE gives users access to the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) survey, which is the leading metric for client loyalty. Understanding client desires allows you to focus on those areas and grow your accounting business accordingly.


Content Library

Each day, automation in the accounting industry becomes more and more of a reality. As such, many firms are taking steps to position themselves as more than just accountants—as business advisors. In order to achieve this, firms must encourage their team members to position themselves as thought leaders in their field.

Many CRMs for CPAs offer a tool for aggregating content and sharing it with contacts. Some CRMs, such as ABLE, even populate the content library themselves, making the process easier for users. Consistently sharing compelling content helps accounting professionals to build their personal brand and, by extension, the brand of their firm.


Finding the Right Solution for Your Firm


What drives growth is the development of key client relationships that lead to further engagements, increased referrals, and more new business wins. A solid platform for managing those relationships, learning what clients want, and delivering relevant content is the cornerstone of any firm’s success.

ABLE is comprised of several CRM tools for business development and is designed to fuel growth for CPA firms. No other product on the market matches those specifications. Take a look at this analysis comparing other CRMs to ABLE.

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