Maintain Strong Relationships with the Help of a CRM

We spend a lot of time talking about ABLE, but we’re not the only ones! Accounting Today recently featured ABLE in an article titled “Keeping Client Relationships Healthy with CRM.” The article focuses on CRMs as tools for strengthening relationships. Six CRM vendors were surveyed for the article, including ABLE’s CEO, Jeff Pawlow.


Who is Accounting Today?

Accounting Today boasts an audience of over 325,000 professionals in all areas of the accounting industry. Many consider the publication the best information resource currently available for public accountants. Accounting Today offers its readers analysis, breaking news, opinion pieces, expert advice, and practical business-building ideas. It consistently focuses on the most important concerns of the accounting industry.

Accounting Today previously featured ABLE as the Best Business Development Tool of 2017. 


How does ABLE help strengthen relationships?

Maintain Current Relationships

ABLE offers a number of tools for helping users maintain good relationships with all of their contacts.

“Our product caters to individuals who find the bulk of their revenue is produced by a handful of clients,” explains Pawlow. “The Pareto Principle suggests that 20 percent of your top clients generate up to 80 percent of your business. By focusing efforts on those relationships, you position your firm to do more business with those clients.”

Obtain New Business

ABLE’s open system promotes accountability among team members. You can easily keep up with the health of your teammates’ CRoPs Tiles. Additionally, any notes attached to a particular contact are visible to every ABLE user within your firm. “Something as simple as looking at a prospect’s history in your database and seeing that they have a relationship with a colleague can help create new business,” explains Pawlow.


We regularly perform comparisons between ABLE and other CRMs in order to give you a picture of how they stack up. Check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” series, or take a look at our full CRM comparison!

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