How the Right CRM Can Help You Reach New Clients

To achieve business success, consistent growth is a must. A combination of the right tools and practices can help you maximize your accounting firm’s ability to win new clients. The right client relationship management system (CRM) is the perfect tool for helping you transform prospects into clients. Consider the following ways that the right CRM for accountants can help you develop new client growth within your firm.


Build Your Brand

We’ve previously written about the importance of positioning yourself as a thought leader within the accounting field. A CRM for accounting firms that offers tools for sharing relevant content can help you develop a reputation as a trusted advisor. From automated campaigns to delivering specific content to a particular prospect at just the right time, your CRM should help you engage in meaningful conversations with your contacts. As you do so, you will build a reputation as someone to be sought out for your experience and expertise.


Track Your Opportunities

A CRM for CPAs that provides visibility across the sales pipeline and accountability across all team members will result in the ability to close more deals, more quickly. For example, ABLE’s Pipeline dashboard tracks sales opportunities, measures inbound and outbound referral activity, and manages team accountability. A system that offers real-time metrics for pipeline management allows your firm to plan out its next steps and follow up on the hottest prospects. This, consequently, leads to more closed deals.


Create Team Synergy

When it comes to business development activities, it is important that your team always be in sync. The right CRM is one that provides a method for your team members to keep each other seamlessly informed about the progress of all prospect relationships. Therefore, consider finding a system that allows you to record calls, notes, interactions, and information in contact records.


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