ABLE is the Best CRM to Keep Your Team Accountable

This week’s installment of our “Best CRM” series takes a look at why ABLE is the best CRM to keep your team accountable.


We strongly believe that ABLE is the best CRM for CPAs and other accounting professionals. To help you understand why we think ABLE is so great, we’ve created a blog series titled “Best CRM.” Each installment of our “Best CRM” series focuses on a particular aspect of ABLE that helps to make it the best customer relationship management system for accountants.

ABLE was created by CPAs and for CPAs. We understand the accounting industry. Team accountability is a key motivator in this field, so we made sure to make it a part of ABLE. Read on to learn how ABLE can help your team members work seamlessly together and achieve greater success!


ABLE Keeps Your Team Accountable to Their Contacts


In a previous post, we discussed how ABLE helps you best manage your client relationships. Accountability helps play a big role here, however, so it’s worth revisiting.

ABLE’s color-coded CRoPs dashboard gives you a quick and easy snapshot of the status of all of your contact relationships. Each time you create a tile, ABLE prompts you to choose the frequency with which you should be interacting with that contact. This frequency, combined with the major and minor interactions that you record regularly in ABLE, determines each individual CRoPs tile’s color. It just takes a glance to see which of your clients, prospects, and referrals need attention, and what type.

Done are the days of elaborate spreadsheets detailing your contact relationships. Stop worrying about keeping track mentally of the status of your various relationships. Let ABLE take the reins and keep your team accountable with their contacts!


ABLE Keeps Your Team Accountable to Each Other


Many ABLE users have a love-hate relationship with one particular part of the CRM system: the My Firm CRoPs page. From this page, you can see the dashboard statuses of each team member in your firm. Users love it when all of their tiles are green and on display for everyone in the firm to see. However, they love it less so when they have numerous contacts requiring attention and all of their teammates can see where they might be slacking off.

The knowledge that everyone in your firm can easily see how your relationships are progressing is a great motivator. We even encourage ABLE users to keep each other honest by engaging in “what’s up with this red tile” conversations with one another.

In addition, ABLE’s main user dashboard offers a number of key performance indicators for both your personal accountability and the accountability of your firm. View the status of your Pipeline, aggregated views of your growth and nurture dashboards, your Net Promoter Score®, and more.


Let ABLE Keep Your Team Accountable

When it comes to creating and sustaining strong, accountable relationships, ABLE is the best CRM for the job. Need more convincing? Check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” series, or take a look at this CRM comparison chart.

Are you wondering if ABLE is the right CRM to help you keep your team accountable? Request a no-obligation demo today to learn more about how ABLE’s specialized tools can guide you to greater success.