ABLE is the Best CRM to Help You Become a Thought Leader

This week’s installment of our “Best CRM” series takes a look at why ABLE is the best CRM to help you become a thought leader in your field.


We strongly believe that ABLE is the best CRM for CPAs and other accounting professionals. To help you understand why we think ABLE is so great, we’ve created a blog series titled “Best CRM.” Each installment of our “Best CRM” series focuses on a particular aspect of ABLE that helps to make it the best customer relationship management system for accountants.


One of ABLE’s most valuable capabilities is enabling its users to grow their reputations as thought leaders in their specific field. Read on to learn how ABLE can help you to transition from simply a “number cruncher” to a valued and trusted advisor.


Why do you need to become a thought leader?


Which of these scenarios best reflects your ideal client relationship?


  • “Your client comes to you for service during tax season only.” or
  • “Your client consults with you throughout the year on all of their various tax and accounting needs.”


If you chose the latter, then ABLE is the ideal tool for you. ABLE helps you build your brand as a valued advisor and become a thought leader. Our CRM for CPAs transforms you into the go-to person for all of your clients’ needs.


Elevating yourself in the minds of your clients from simply a service provider to a trusted advisor will result in additional services and the ability to command higher fees. When a client trusts you as an expert in their particular sector, they are willing to pay a premium for your services.


What tools does ABLE offer?


ABLE both inspires and enables you to share timely and relevant content with your most important relationships.


ABLE encourages you. Your CRoPs Dashboard is color coded to help you consistently maintain your contact relationships. When one of your tiles indicates that a minor growth interaction is needed, one great way to fulfill the need is by sharing content with that contact. ABLE makes sure that you stay up-to-date with all of your relationships, which ultimately helps to differentiate you from your competitors.


ABLE empowers you. What’s more, ABLE’s Thought Leadership module offers an easy solution to your relationship nurturing needs. Using this tool, you can send relevant content to individual contacts or specific groups, along with a personalized message. Use content that you’ve discovered yourself, or simply pick an item from ABLE’s custom curated and regularly updated library. With just a few clicks, you can touch base with one or multiple contacts. Regularly sharing compelling content demonstrates both your attentiveness and your specialized knowledge.


Become a Thought Leader With the Help of ABLE


When it comes to establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and valued thought leader, ABLE is the best CRM for accountants. Need more convincing? Check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” series, or take a look at this CRM comparison chart.


Are you ready to transition from a tax-season practitioner to a year-round accounting advisor? Let ABLE take your firm to the next level—it is the best CRM for CPAs. Schedule a demo today to learn more.