Meet the team – Wes Turner

About Wes Turner

Wes joined the ABLE team in May 2021 as ABLE’s Software QA Analyst. Wes works meticulously with the development team to help test functions of ABLE, ensuring everything performs correctly.

Growing up in Demorest, Georgia, Wes is no stranger to the great outdoors. His family resides on 10 acres of land in the middle of the woods. Wes currently lives in Cumming, Georgia. He has 5 years of experience as a Software QA Analysist and previously worked for a SAAS company in Georgia. Prior to starting his career in the technology industry, Wes worked on landscaping, and before that he did land surveying.

Being detail oriented, Wes enjoys keeping his work area organized to maximize his time throughout the day. Some of the most important items in his work space are his notepad and mechanical pencil, a 32″ monitor, and a radio. Wes likes to take notes during meetings to refer back to, as well as jot down any questions he has to ask at a later time. His large monitor is perfect for seeing all windows open on one screen. Wes’ radio helps him stay focused while working. He loves to listen to wholesome contemporary Christian music, including Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, and Casting Crowns

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When Wes is off the clock, you can find him outside working on various yard projects, such as cutting grass, planting flowers, and enjoying all of nature. Wes finds spending time outside very relaxing.

Checkout a few other fun facts about Wes:

  • He loves to make people laugh
  • Wes met his wife on Myspace while randomly adding people one day
  • While eating out at restaurants, waiters and waitresses have trouble keeping his glass full, so much so that most put a pitcher on the table

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ABLE has the best employees who are always there to lend a hand, and Wes agrees:

“ABLE has the friendliest employees. The company culture makes working for ABLE very pleasant.”


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